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[Aug 14, 2016] Kangaroo Valley Ride (Kangaroo Valley)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by icemaker, Aug 4, 2016.

Kangaroo Valley Ride
Start Date: Aug 14, 2016 08:00
End Date: Aug 14, 2016 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Kangaroo Valley
Friendly Inn

Posted By: icemaker

Confirmed Attendees: 6
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  1. #1 icemaker, Aug 4, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2016
    Its been a bit too long since I last rode one of my lovely ladies and Im planning on giving the grumpier one a flogging on the 14th August.

    Basic plan is to meet up at McDonalds Princes Hwy Fairy Meadow at around 8am for an 8:30 departure, ride up Jamberoo Mtn Rd and head through Kangaroo Valley, topping up with fuel on the other side in Bomaderry.
    Then we head back into the Valley and stop for lunch at either Cambewarra Lookout Cafe or The Friendly Inn pub depending on the turn out but both places punch out a decent feed.
    After lunch it'll be a bit of a loop around the Southern Highlands stopping at the Robertson Pie Shop before descending Macquarie Pass and going our own way home from there.

    I prefer a casual style of ride so Im not planning on corner marking or teccing unless the group grows into a monster so we'll look into that on the day.

    I want to make this a L & P friendly ride and want to encourage anyone who wants to go beyond the city limits to come along enjoy the fresh air and green countryside. It would also be great to get some 'Gong natives involved as I know there are plenty lurking behind the scenes here.

    Oh, and in reference to riding the grumpier bike in the opening sentence, Ill be riding my Z1000 that is for sale so if anyone is considering buying a bike and want to check it out, you'll see it in its natural habitat.

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  2. Your map is a bit out of wack lol
  3. It is a bit, google maps has been giving me a tough time recently but that's the gist of it anyway. Ill see if I can fix it.
  4. Oh mate sounds like a pearler but I'm working again...
  5. That's too bad Steve, the planets will align one day
  6. I'm certain they will... I've Got this Monday off but I need to do my tax
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  7. image.
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  8. gday icemakericemaker would love to join you on this but I have a few work trips away this month so will have to let you know - thanks for organising!
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  9. I'll go!! ;).... (I wish!!)
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  10. Make it happen Viv!!
    Quit your job, fire up the lawnmower and I reckon you could be in the Gong by Wednesday taking the scenic route ;)
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  11. You saying you'll sponsor me to ride!!?? :D Sure! :woot:
    I'll even brave the crappy weather and cold again to go south...

    Maybe I'll work for you netween rides (y)
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  12. Would shouting you lunch qualify as sponsorship?
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  13. Would be super keen for this as it's in my neck of the woods... however my bike is still sitting in the shop where it has been for 6 weeks, and supposedly that's where it will stay for another 4 weeks

    Back order parts grrr...
  14. oh Bugger, sounds like a good ride. Unfortunately, I'll be in the Ole US of A for a work trip :(
  15. Bugger, hope you get it back sooner rather than later.
    Love the states, try and squeeze in a bit leisure courtesy of your work of course!
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  16. A strong maybe at this stage
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  17. Good luck mate, Ill be thinking of you while Im sipping my latte and downing a monster burger!
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