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[Aug 13, 2016] GC NR Meet & Greet (+ ride) (Nerang QLD)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Valvoline, Aug 5, 2016.

GC NR Meet & Greet (+ ride)
Start Date: Aug 13, 2016 08:00
End Date: Aug 13, 2016 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST

Caffe Chinos
3/18 Ferry St,
Nerang QLD 4211

Posted By: Valvoline

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. Heya SEQ NR peeps!

    Having come back from the southern states and met many of the NR cousins and the amaze-balls rides they hold, I would like to start something like this in the GC... :) My aim is to make this a regular Saturday thing and possibly also offer newbies some guidance and tips. At the very least, do a meet and greet and talk about bikes, over bikes! :happy:(y)

    While having a cuppa, can have a chat about the day's route. There's always new places to explore or can easily do the fun old haunts.
    I'll be ride leader and all skills level welcome.

    Saturday 13th August,
    8:00 am

    Caffe Chinos :coffee:, plenty of parking, close to the M1 exit

    There is a 7-11 petrol station 2 blocks up or Coles Express one just around the corner on 6-8 Ferry St, Nerang QLD 4211.

    Hope to meet some other NR peeps!
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  2. will there be cake ?
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  3. Righto .. sounds jolly civilized Valvoline. Put the kettle on and I'll be there !
  4. maybe have a shave before you go mate
  5. Bloody hell ... okay then ... but I hope you realise I'd only do it for you uncle greg :D
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  6. who else is there?
  7. #7 Hairy Bob, Aug 6, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2016
    Well .. for starters, there's Valvoline , you , me ... and our bikes of course ! :D:p:cool:
  8. you're going to ride somewhere more interesting than just around Nerang I hope?

    And what's this 8am thing? You know it doesn't reach 20 degrees until 9am!
  9. Now that's a bit harsh CaffineMonster ... Nerang's a luverly place . Great place to take the whole family for the Christmas holidays ... get a sticker for the car , send the rellos scenic postcards and evafaing ! :p:D;)
  10. I agree. I always skip Surfer's, Broadbeach, etc... when going for a surf or a mountain ride and head to Nerang.
  11. Can't believe that I didn't get a single update on all the chit-chat that's been going on!

    Well... 8am is actually late for me cause I get up round 5am nowadays - awesome for sunrises :)

    As far as where to ride, I'll have a bit of a think and it generally depends how people are feeling & how much time they have available ... Can be a short couple of hours or a whole day! :)
  12. CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster ... What's wrong with being a true "Nerang-outan"? :p Nerang is lovely!!
  13. Nothing wrong with Nerang - just doesn't seem like the best riding roads, rest was all just tongue in check
  14. Shame its on a Saturday...always working then.
    Hey...what about a ride to Aldi for the bike gear catalogue sale?
    Doors open at 8am Saturdays so there'll be slim pickings after 8.01am.
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  15. Lol that's true - the people lining up outside the Aldi stores is hilarous.... pity not all stores have the same stock though. And I can't be bothered cause they never have my size! Albeit the bike ramps are handy! :sneaky:
    I also ride sundays too.... It's just that Sundays is usually a more 'family' oriented day and lots of peeps can't make it.
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  16. yeah
    sunday is dirty sanchez day