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Audiovisual gurus, please rate this LCD TV

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. http://www.kogan.com.au/shop/kogan-1080p-47-full-hd-lcd-tv-hd-tuner/

    I'm thinking it's time to upgrade my flat screen CRT TV for an LCD... a friend put me onto the online mob Kogan.

    General opinion is that for large screens Plasma is king, but current LCD technology is making that an obsolete opinion.

    Anyway, if you're into audiovisual side of things, is the above TV a value for money <$2k LCD??

    Thanks :)

  2. If you want true blacks, stick with plasma.

    And stick with brand names (says he, who just bought a $299 48cm LCD Tv for the bedroom from Aldi :LOL:)
  3. My 52inch LG is five years old and still going strong :D

    If your interested I saw 42inch LCD's and Plasma's in Big W for 998.00
    yesterday, can't recall the brand though :-k

    But remember thinking ...... the bedroom TV needs to be bigger for those educational movies \\:D/:bannanabutt:
  4. Edumacational eh? LOL

    Thanks Smee, I've had a good play on the gadget man site and there's an article there about cheap panels that have been optimised for the NTSC system. The Kogan panel is one of those 120Hz panels... means I might keep looking.

    Man what a mine field large screen TV's are.
  5. The contrast ratio is very ordinary, probably hence the low price for the size of the panel. LCD is way ahead of that now.

    Look at the Samsungs, their panels (they make them) have had impressive contrast for a couple of years or so now. It here where they've closed the gap on Plasma.
  6. Can't go wrong buying Samsung; and if you could go to their factories and see how they build their stuff (I have) you'd not even look at another product.
  7. +1 on the Samsung.
    True value for money on their LCD panels.
  8. +2 on the samsungs as they are the mob that invented these things, also if u can spend a bit more get yourself a led lcd, u wont be dissapointed
  9. Samsungs make very good quality Tv's / monitors.
    Personally I would stick to brands that are known and have a good rep. You may pay a little more but generally speaking the risk is lower.
    Also look at the warranty offered.
  10. We looked at the Koghan sets as well. For a panel that you want to use say in a kids room or as a spare panel in the garage or under the pergola, sure, but for a mainstream set, nup.

    I held off buying an LCD/Plasma set till December last year. (I bought a gorgeous CRT Sony 100hz set back in 01 for $5,000)

    I ended up with a 60" 1080 LG and a 32" 1080 Samsung for the bedroom.

    I paid $4,250 and $1,050 respectively. The ticketed prices were $4,700 and $1,500. Good guys, pay cash, pay less :p

    The Samsung's picture is just stunning. The 60" LG due to its size tends to pixelate the image coming out of the shitty foxtel box but once viewing an HD FTA channel it's very nice indeed.

    I'd stick to name brands unless you are just after a "spare" set or a really ****en large PC monitor :D
  11. But you would want to spend a few more dollars on a tv that has better resolution for those educational movies....would not want to have the tv pixilate at the wrong time:rofl:
  12. Series 8 LED samsung. Now thats a picture
  13. Seen those direct LED backlit LCDs?
  14. I have; I've also seen the price tag :shock:!!

    50" plasmas are the sweet spot at the moment; pricing is unbelievable compared to what they cost just three years ago....
  15. Spend the money on something worthwhile, instead. ;)
  16. +1. Rob, I went through your exercise about 1 month ago. I looked at a lot of reviews on Whirlpool. You get what you pay for. Hisense and Kogan came up a bit at the lower price points. Personally, if I were to buy today I'd buy an LCD and it'd probably be a Sony 40" Bravia (and there's many subsets of them). Plasmas chew through the power and put out a lot of heat and I wouldn't get one of them on that basis. Plasmas were going comparatively cheap at JB on the weekend. Make no mistake, plasmas give great pictures. I just don't like the heat they give off.

    One thing that you can clearly notice is pixellation on the larger screens and even on the 100 Hz 40" screens if it is sport and a SD broadcast.

    Samsung screens keep getting the thumbs up from punters and for good reason. You see why when you go and have a look in the shop. It is hard to go past them.

    If you're willing to compromise just slightly on picture quality (but wouldn't know the difference unless you look at a Sony or Samsung LCD in direct comparison) then LG seem to give pretty good bang for buck. I bought two of them late last year (a 1080p 100 Hz 42" LCD for just under $2k and it came with a bonus 26" LCD from LG and JB had the best price) but I lost them and a mountain of other stuff to my ex so am back to my old 51cm crt with set top box.

    Panasonic seem to have persisted with plasmas and the Vieras seem to be the front runners together with Samsung in that sector.

    I saw a Samsung LED screen on the weekend in JB. I'm in no rush to buy a tv but it will be one of those when I do. The picture was fantastic, it was thin and light and used less than half the power of the plasmas (and 2/3 of the LCDs). $2k (or thereabouts) is my price point. LEDs will be there in about two years and that's when I'll get one.

    As pointed out previously, contrast ratio is the key (want a high number here) and look at screen response time (look for 5 ms or less with LCDs. Samsung say they're down to 0.001 ms with their plasmas. I don't know how.). The plasmas have some dodgy high number for dynamic contrast ratio like 2,000,000 : 1 and don't know how that compares to the contrast ratio numbers I got used to being quoted previously (and what is quoted for LCDs). I don't know if there's much difference between 100 Hz and 200 Hz screens or if it is just a fad/gimmick. I haven't compared two side-by-side. The key things is that I'd make sure I got 1080p (and there's some other standard now... something to do with blueray - 24p or something) and at least 100 Hz refresh rate and as low response time as possible. There's so many combinations/permutations out there that can then become difficult.

    Personally, I'd stick to the common proven brands that get good reviews like Samsung (LCD or plasma), Panasonic (plasma) and Sony (LCD only now). LG tend to rip off others' designs, thereby saving costs in R&D so pass on that saving, so are probably worth a look as well.
  17. Haha I meant something worthwhile, instead of a 2 grand idiot box. :p
  18. You can pick up a pretty good well known brand from any of the major retailers these days from about $1,500. I recently became a fan of the Samsung TV's for picture quality and price and think they have come a long way, I wouldnt hesitate looking at the Samsung as a first choice.
  19. Rob,

    DO NOT GET THE KOGAN.. Garbage. Total and utter garbage. Spend that little bit more and get a quality set. Something that will actually give a good picture and last a while.

    Samsung is top notch stuff these days. Totally depends on what you want the tv for.

    Im in the audio visual industry. Manage a hifi store out in scoresby. Shoot me a pm and ill sort you out with a good set at cost. Happy to help a NR. Just ask Blue14!

    Cheers bud