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Audioengine 5 speakers ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bretto61, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. I have been hunting for a great little system for my laptop/Ipod for my bedroom. The bedroom is massive and I bought some logitechs that are just crap.
    So I priced around and found the Bose companion 5. Sounded bloody great but was a bit big with the woofer. But it sounded great lol. I thought stuff it. I'm buying anyway and took the cash out of the bank.
    Sitting there the night before buying and thought maybe my cous in Boston can get Bose cheaper. He is a big audionut.
    Anywho he says I am an indoit and buying into hype.
    What I need is almost half the price at the moment and it's the Audioengine A5. He just picked up a set at a sale and can get me a pair tomorrow. He said " These work with anything you got and crap on Bose for sound quality ".
    I was dubious. The Bose did sound awsome. But he is a good guy and not one to give me bad info so I asked him to grab me a set. I got them for $320US and $55US Air express posting. There is a newer 5+ out now. But they were almost $600 US so I figure I am happy with what I got.
    I have read numerous reviews on them and they all sing the same tune as my cous. I am dying to hear them.
    Has anyone got them??? Are they that good ??? Well for a $400 speaker.

  2. I have a set, they are fantastic.
    Seriously studio monitor quality. Pair them up with an 8 to 10 inch sub and you have a GREAT setup.
    They are actually good enough to make upgrading my computer's soundcard worth it.
    Your mate is right on the money, best bang for your buck out there for powered speakers.
  3. They seem decent. I'm seeing them online locally for $369. I might have to check some out. I wouldn't expect anything really special in powered speakers for that sort of money, but if they're being cleared because of the new model, they could be a win.

    They would need some help in the low end in a bigger room, but might be just what I need for a second set in the back room.

    I had no idea that JB HiFi had such a range of gear from classic brands like Wharfedale, Jensen and Sherwood. Might have to check them out too.
  4. I bought a pair of AE5s from PC Case Gear last year. They are unbelievably good.

    For an extra $30 you can get the 5+ which has a remote control.
  5. We have a few sayings about Bose, two being: Bose blows, no highs, no lows (which is a bit of hangover form the 901/802 days & my favourite:

    Bose: Better Sales Through Marketing :)

    You were right to distrust the hype.
  6. Cheers guys.
    I saw a pair on flee bat for $399. You can plug their own sub or any too it. I would go there's.
    And just hit your link to see them for $369. That's what I pad with postage. I have them on air frieght so they will prob get here the same time as go slow Aus Po. Awwwww cant wait. Nice review in that link. The freeken box's are 1" thick. And of course hand made. Seems like a whole lot of little speaker for the money.
    Most say for a small room a sub would not be needed and a few even had to turn the bass down on them when @ loud.
    The +5 has remote built in. But no USB charger.
    And as you say you can buy the remote...didn't know for thirty so that's good.
  7. When I bought mine I think shipping was free. And they turned up within 2 days.

    As for sub-woofers, I've never liked them or used them for home or car set-ups.

    Agree with MV re Bose.
  8. Stuff me... What can I say.
    These speakers are the ducks guts of computer speakers. Full stop for the money.
    When I first heard them I thought, yeah ok not bad. Now I have worked my EQ.... farken brillient.
    They cream the Bose 5 sytem in every way. I would say better than the $1000 Bose sound dock.
    Matter a fact I could and will hook up a small sub I have and wont need another thing in the way of Stereo equipment.
    If your in the market for a new sound system. do yourself a big favour and look at these puppies before you look at anthing else.
    Size means nothing when you hear these things pump.
  9. Thanks for the info. I've been thinking about picking up some audio Adams but these could be a good alternative.