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audio system setup for a ute

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. basically...i've got what i believe to be a earth issue but ignoring that i'm not impressed with the condition of the old amps in the ute i've purchased + the subs are both different brand /output so that's a no-no in my books

    i'm looking at running 2 shallow 10 inch's in a built enclosure in the sides of the space cab (i don't like the idea of having normal size subs with the magnets so close to the frame/body of the car) now just looking to see if any of the tech heads amongst the netrider posse' have suggestions as to what amps and subs i should add....as for amps...i've no idea what i'm currently running but atleast one of them seems to be in rather dodgy condition

    understand as i've stated elsewhere i'm not mechanically minded...this also applies to electrical (granted i'm alot more willing to work trial and error with a sound system than i am with valve clearance's on my bike)

    running a clarion dvd player yada yada head unit ...subs are connected by 4 gauge cable and are directly wired to the battery

    if this really isn't enough information then let me know and i'll update it tomorrow as to the specs of it all....also...not looking to spend crazy money...like $150-$200 per sub max and few hundred per amp max....all the wiring seems to be in ok condition there's just a loose connection in the front end which i'll be attacking over the next few days...

    ...i'm not looking for mind numbingly awesome competition bass/sound but i do enjoy my music with abit of bass when driving...and i dont just want a rattling sound hence the use of shallow subs ...

    ....few examples are these...



    apologies for the mini walls of text etc....any help is appreciated as i don't wish to simply buy subs for looking pretty whilst not running the amps needed for the job
  2. Where I'd be focusing is on the main speakers (ie fit a decent split system), and ensuring a quality amp (ie not one sold on the basis of how many 1,000s of watts it can supposedly produce). Then put your remaining money/effort into quality soundproofing to eliminate as much resonance and external noise as possible.

    A cheap sub with an overly powerful amp is about the worst thing you can do (and yet it's one of the most common things people actually do).
  3. *nods* completely understand that and not looking to go over the top

    also would it be fair to leave the head unit to cover the power output of the front speakers or run them all through a amp (i presume i'd need to use a 4 channel amp.....or a 2 channel amp and then use a mono block amp for the subs?)
  4. It's important to take into account that lower bass frequencies are directional, whereas mid and higher frequencies aren't. I would be wanting at least 8 band stereo graphic EQ to dial your frequencies in. I wouldn't be concerned over sound proofing.

  5. i would be
  6. good onya mate, do whatever tickles ya.
  7. Head units often have the power output required, but they struggle to dissipate heat and so rarely produce a signal as good as what you can get from an amp.
  8. You have that arse about. Think about it, if you shut the door on a room where music is playing is it the bass of the high frequencies that you hear?

    Low frequencies can go around obstacles, high frequencies can't. So getting the placement of the tweeters is the key thing to a decent car audio setup (and the reason why split systems are so much better than 2 or 3 way speakers).

    Edit: Subwoofer placement is less critical, but resonance due to inadequate sound dampening/proofing is what ruins most aftermarket car audio setups.
  9. *puts hand up* yep i'm jewbaggin it for now with 2 way speakers in the front...gonna change that in the future once i figure out how i'm gonna house the tweeters

    also...some of what i'm doing might seem dodgy...but dear god you should have seen the condition of it when i first got the car....rusted out front speakers...dodgy welding to hold the undersized speakers in the front door...anyway...i'll upload the specs of what i've got tomorrow

  10. SB is an expert bud and only his word counts, don't slander him bro

  11. what type of ute is it?

    usually tweeters get moulded into the door pillars, and make sure your subs are ported properly to the box, dont just chuck it in any old box, makes a big difference
  12. Mounting to the dash pointing upwards, using the windscreen as a reflector, can often work well - especially with a small cabin. Of course you can also get tweeters that can be mounted flat but rotated up to a 90 degree position.

    The system in my car has gone through several evolutions. It started out with replacement speakers driven by the head unit and a single amp/sub, but I eventually ended up gutting everything (including all the wiring) and starting again. If I were to do it all again, I'd have definitely gone for sound deadening rather than a subwoofer (not using a sub at all now, and my setup sounds better for it).
  13. should try doing an install in a stretched hummer, killed myself lol
  14. :eek: How many speakers you end up installing in that?
  15. custom enclosure built into the side of the space cab under each small window...

    91 lowlux space-cab

    this is the enclosure i was talking about
  16. What you need is a 3' sub in the tray. Then chuck some cheap and nasties in the cabin. You'll be ready to shake St Mary's and Mt Druitt immediately.
  17. puhlease i'm already shaking st mary's and mt druitt - gone are the days where you'd see stupidly overkill systems in holden gemini's ! all lightweights these days.
  18. Look far too small for the subs. If I remember rightly the minimum volume enclosed should be the cube of the subwoofer diameter (ie 10"x10"x10" or equivalent). Although that's for a sealed enclosure, for a ported enclosure it's more like 15"x15"x15" (or roughly double the volume).

    Too small an enclosure just creates reflections which cancel out or distort the sound being generated by the subwoofer(s). I suspect the previous owner of your car was only worried about fitting the largest subwoofers they could, unless the inner volume of that enclosure is a lot more than it appears in the photo (doesn't appear to be a lot of depth).

  19. 6 plus tweets plus 2 12" subs, alpines :)
  20. i'm thinking the shallow subs (especially judging by the enclosures they seem to come in normally) will be absolutely fine in the current enclosure.