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audio editing program

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. for those out there that are into, or specifically, make elctronic music, i have a question for you.....

    i want a program that's a sound editor that can do things like equalize music so i can remove music, and leave vocals in a track. i been using eqs and stuff in fl studio, but the quality has been rather poor... (and i really don't know how to use reason properly so i'm not doing that lol)

    any body know of good programs/tutorials for me???

    i have a heap of songs that mix old track vocals with new music that i like, but i want one specifically made for a mate of mine that i've been strugglingh with.. i've always been able to sample instruments recreating them by ear, but not vocals.

    help please!
  2. Protools will do anything you will ever need. Its what they use for pretty much every movie these days. LOTR, Matrix, etc. Its extremely powerful.

    It has a pretty intense equalizer so if you're lucky you might be able to clean out the vocals. Mind you that is something very difficult and its would seem alot easier to get the non-vocals track from karoake place.

    Downside is it costs a bit, and it needs to detect the M-Box before you can use the program. And FYI there are no ways around this that I've come across, not that I was looking.. :cool:
  3. nice... cheers... i'll have a look at cool edit aswell and see how i go :/

    only coz i can crack it.. i mean buy it. :grin:
  4. There is Fruity Loops Studio and Cube Base also :)
  5. Bought Protools with a rack for connecting instruments and other music equipment to. M-Audio I think it's called. Wife's a muso. She moved from CEP to PT and new hardware. Unfortunately PT has to see a dongle in a USB port. But we have trouble getting it to recognise it. Then when PT starts it needs to see a shitload of filters that have to be "registered". It can take up to 5 mins. before you click on "cancel" for each and every filter that pops up in the list for which we don't have a rego code for it.

    Thing is, we don't recall installing them. Rather, this problem only occured after installation when I moved the dongle to another USB port when we struck hardware problems with the printers which are also USB attached.

    We're about to move and all her gear will be dismantled. When we've shifted into the new place we'll rebuilt her system and see if we can sort this problem out. Otherwise it will be an expensive and time consuming exercise in shipping the stuff back to the US where she bought it (saved nearly $1,000 by buying it OS instead of here in Oz).
  6. I use Cool Edit Pro - works a treat.
  7. as mentioned before - Protools and Cubase are prolly what you should be looking for.

    More so Cubase actually got you get some really nice plug ins with that program and it's relatively easier to understand than protools.

    you mentioned Electronic music? but then I saw "vocal remix with new tunes"

    well you should also be looking into Albeton Live. that's the remixers heaven of a program. you can use it live or in production and you can pick and choose your midi interface - I personally use a keyboard midi interface when it comes to Programs but my first love will always be hardware.

    if you have the time and money for it - I recommend using Cubase and Albeton Live to mix.
  8. garage band free with macs ilife suite?! :p
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  10. What sytle are your producing?

    Wish I had some money to throw around for some toys!
    Was playing around on my mates Korg-Prophecy the other day =P~

    What midi controller are you using?
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