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Audible warning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, May 3, 2005.

  1. After 20 years away and more than a month of safe riding, on Sunday, while my wife was in the car behind me, watching everything that was happening, two idiots in cars tried to merge lanes on me, and in both cases the tinny horn on the Hornet (must be a pun in there somewhere) failed completely to get their attention.
    sooooooo.... can anyone recommend a good horn replacement, and are there any tricks to fitting same?

  2. When I did Q-ride, I almost fell off the bike when I pressed the horn, because the bike had been fitted with a regular car horn! Impressive!! And it sure gets 'em out of the way!! Mitsubishi sigmas have good loud horns! Find one at a wrecker and stick 'er on!!
  3. some people have fitted air horns to their bikes as well.
  4. My bike has a pair of fiamm horns, tuned to be slightly different pitches. Sonds like a small truck.

    Supacheap sell a nice pair of similar car horns. So do most car wreckers. You just need to find somewhere to put them. When you fit them, use a relay so that the horns get max voltage. Then go out and frighten folk.
  5. I've been told that a CBR700 horn is fairly loud and not to difficult to attach as I've had the same prob on my bike and I asked my Mechanics... they made that suggestion
  6. Hornet600 - not casting dispersions at you, but it does sound like you got yourself into a road position where they could merge on you.

    Ride infront, ride behind, but avoid riding beside.

    Basically, don't be somewhere where someone can merge on you,

    By all means update the horn, but don't rely on it. Avoid the situations that require horns in the first place.

    Another thing to do is fit a sports can - they'll hear you coming!

    Stay safe.


  7. robsalvv

    I agree, prevention is always better than cure, but in both cases here I was in the right lane on a two lane road, "overtaking" these two dozy gits with their windows up and their radios on.
    I do also think that most car drivers have no idea on how to adjust their outside mirrors, both left and right side mirrors usually set to show BEHIND the car, not the areas directly to the right and the left of the inside mirror.
    never mind, it was all at about 70 kays, and I was sorta expecting it to happen and no harm was done, but thank for the caring advice.
  8. That scenario is one of the reasons that "loud music" was included in the anti-hooning laws in Tas.

    If the music is up so loud as to distract other road users, or interfere with your ability to know whats going on around you, then your a hoon!

    Car locked up for 36 hrs, $400 "fee" for the tow truck and impoundment yard costs to get it back (then three weeks, then three months, then it's gone for good)

    If you can't hear whats happening around you, then you're effectively without one of the most critical senses needed (deaf people excepted of course), and deserve to be used as a quota for mr plod IMHO.

  9. Horn, Shmorn, Just buy an SP1 with a full Yoshi Ti system and just bleep the throttle.

    Sure gets their attention.

  10. Re: robsalvv

    This is one thing that nearly EVERY driver does wrong. Your side mirrors should be able to see what is in the lane BESIDE you not what is behind you, that's what your rear vision mirror is for.

    Your side mirrors should be adjusted so that they you can start to see what you start to loose sight of in your rear vision mirror. 99% of people have them so you can see Half the side of your car. Tell me what the point in that is??(unless your one of those people who can't park for shit and use your side mirrors to kerb side park).

    This is something that is taught to you an defensive/offensive/advanced driver course. As a driver you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. By adjusting your mirrors in the above mentioned way assures you of this. No point in having your side mirrors looking at 80% of the same thing that your rear view mirror shows you.

    I hope this makes sense to people, i'm not the best of writers when it comes to explaining things like this.

  11. All those years ago when I was taught how to drive, I was shown how to adjust my mirrors. The instructor said to adjust them until you can see, without moving your head, the rear door handle in the bottom left corner of the drivers side mirror and the bottom rh corner of the passenger side.
    This was re-iterated to me at a series of advanced driver courses in the 80's and 90's inlcuding my light rigid course.
    What bugs me is people who have them adjusted so that there is a huge blind spot between the central mirror and the wing mirrors.
  12. I agree with the mirror thing, but mirrors alone should not be 100% relied upon. You should ALWAYS check your blind spot by turning your head for a quick peep. Something may have come up in there without you noticing even with properly adjusted mirrors.

    And another thing, I've pulled up behind some road bikes with some big bloke on them and you can't even see his mirrors around the girth of the guy, so I don't think he'd be able to see much behind him. But with a quick check every now and again by turning the head....
  13. Checking your blind spot by looking over your shoulder is a GIVEN. It should be something which happens automatically as you never know what is there otherwise. Not checking it is just asking for trouble i.e. an angry biker sick of being cut off slamming his fist against the rear quater panel of the car causing a major dent, LOL. And yes that is a true story that someone did do that.......it was a BMW 4WD which slowly start merging over from left to right but DIDN'T check there blind spot. The rider saw that they were moving over slowly so he took his left fist and slammed the rear right panel of the car causing it to cave in. Consequently the driver got such a fright thinking they hit something they swerved straight back from whence they came. The rider then shook his head, flipped them the bird and rode off. :LOL:
  14. Headcheck gives you the go.
    Mirrors give you the no.