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Audi may be buying Ducati.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Audi eyes off Ducati
    March 14, 2012 - 8:44AM

    German carmaker Audi is in talks to buy Ducati for its lightweight engine know-how, its racetrack pedigree and the distinctive sound and styling of its motorcycles.

    Two sources familiar with the matter said Audi, the premium cars arm of Europe's top carmaker Volkswagen , was in discussions with the private equity group that controls the Italian firm about a purchase.

    A successful deal would extend Audi's long-standing rivalry with BMW to superbikes, and add expertise about high-revving light engines to VW's engineering portfolio, which ranges from cars through heavy trucks to ship engines.

    For Audi, whose Ingolstadt headquarters has become a key research and development centre for lightweight fuel saving technologies, Ducati's engine technology could add a new development dimension.

    Audi is conducting due diligence and a decision about a purchase could come by mid-April, one of the sources said...

    Full story here...
  2. If this goes through, I certainly hope they retain most of the current Ducati design team and engineers.
    It would be a shame for them to lose any of the character that's been built up.

    And while it is rather unlikely, I would love to see a large vtwin used in small cars again.
    Or even bolt 2 of them together, downtune it for street use to give more torque and have a nice 300hp 2L V4:popcorn:
  3. Audi also own Lamborghini and while that was rocky at first it has resulted in more technically sophisticated Lambos that don't break down every 100 km. They left the design team mainly intact so I suspect they wouldn't monkey too much with that area in Ducati.

    An interesting combination if it comes off. Certainly a more promising technical merging than the rumored Tata buy out. All that seemed to bring was money and no technical assistance.
  4. I thought it was Hero? They ended their relationship with Honda recently.
  5. Sorry Hero was it, my bad. :) Same argument applies though in terms of of being a one way technology transfer. Audi/Ducati should both be able to learn from one another.
  6. **** yeah, ducati monster TDI.
  7. So on the upside, Ducatis will work in the rain, while on the downside, they'll be bought by arrogant wankers who aren't as rich as they wish to appear.

    Oh wait..........

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  8. I'm waiting for Audi A1000rr vs BMW s1000
  9. The number I've heard is $131m for Ducati and $1b debt which would be taken on by Audi

    Obviously the numbers work for Audi and there is quite a bit of value in Ducati because $1b isn't chump change.
  10. What will the new symbol look like? :-k
  11. The Porsche horse riding a Lamborghini bull which is humping a Volkswagen logo that is in the first ring of the Audi logo, which has been styled into a chain that is dragging a Ducati that lost the front end and crashed.
  12. By George, I think you're onto something!