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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by OzzyDevil, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. First Question :)

    What is the differents between a
    Statutory Write-of and a Repairable Write-off ?? I think the
    Repairable Write-off can be fixed :) not sure about the other one..

    Anyway i was told they have motorbikes as well and i was just looking at the bikes are these worth bidding on ?? Example there was a ninja 250 but would be good for spares for my bike or i saw 600 1000cc motorbikes something i could do over time for my next ride..

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    http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Registration/WhatHasToBeRegistered/Written-off Vehicles/WhatistheWrittenoffVehiclesRegisterWOVR.htm

    yes and no,
    depends on condition, purpose, why it's there.....

    if its stolen recovered, then yes it can be worth it. it only needs a viv and rwc to get put back on the road. and usually not too badly damaged (wiring loom etc..).... but its probably been thrashed

    if its a write off... in 90% of cases no. they are written off either cause they cant be repaired. or ITS NOT WORTH FIXING.... for some reason people have this idea that they can buy a write off cheap, then repair and come out on top. as opposed to buying the equivalent in decent condition...... if this was the case why wouldn't insurance or the owner repair it?

    yes it can be done, but usually only on the odd occasion by people who are in the industry (trade pricing) and know what they are looking for. they also KNOW THE LAWS.

    but if youre just looking for a project (good base for choppers, as they use custom frames. and a suprising cost is all the little switch gear etc.. that this will provide), spares bike, or a trackie then its a good viable option
  3. Don't quite agree. The cost of labour is a big part of why a bike is written off. If it's going to take 40 hours to repair a bike you are adding $4k to the cost of parts. So if you can do it yourself then it might be worth it, depending on what's broken.

    The other area you can save is if you are happy if the bike is not 100%. e.g. a small scratch on a tank might cost $400 to repair, but if you are happy with it . . ..

    Now I understand in Victoria statutory write offs can't be brought back from the dead.

    In NSW they can, but you really have to be a licensed repairer to do it.
  4. true,
    but you would be surprised at the cost of parts...
    specially the little stuff, it adds up quick. most of the time its written off before we even add labor to the quote ...

    and i believe they are strict as to what aftermarket stuff you can use (remember has to have all receipts) and it has to be up to a certain standard (so no street-fighters, or rashed fairings)

    but as i said if you know the laws and what to expect/do without hidden costs etc. it can be viable. but it all depends on the circumstances. and i doub you can actually re-coup costs. as it will always be sold cheap due to its write-off status

    (a few guys at work used to do it as cheap bikes - cost pricing, got bikes they knew history of and what needed to be done. but no-one has done it in a while. as its become too expensive and too hard with the new laws.

    well except for a stolen recovered that cost a few K more then its value as he did a complete strip and rebuild to get a "perfect" bike, he would have done the same to an used so it was cheaper for his purpose)
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    Sorry, what?
    In NSW, a frame listed as a statuatory write-off on the WOVR (Written-off-vehicles-register) can never be registered again. Ever.
    Furthermore, earlier this year the provision for such a thing as a "Repairable Write-Off" was removed, so no written-off vehicle may ever be registered in the state of NSW.
    (The reason for this change was to discourage the stolen vehicle rebirthing industry, rather than anything to do with "safety")

    If you're buying a statuatory write-off from an auction in Victoria OP, it's either a track bike or a parts donor - you may not register a bike with that frame.
    Check your local guides for advice on repairable write-offs in Vic, however...
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  6. r1 is statutory - cant be re-registered... though i cant see why

    ninja ???? damage looks minor. id like a closer look
  7. I can't do nothing till next year but at least i know u can bid on these bikes if needed be :) Thx for all your help gays :)
  8. im actually straight
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  9. This is my understanding as well. Been to a Sydney wrecker looking for some parts, and their shop is chock full of bikes appearing to be quite easily fixed, especially when you have 3 of the same model and can swap parts around to get at least one "sellable"... except they are all written off and can never be registered again.
  10. that should just buff straight out.
  11. I'm trying to get mine not written off at the moment. Assessor told me that any write-off in NSW can't be re-registered as has been said here.
    As for written-off not being worth fixing = BS (sometimes). Estimate just for new swingarm and re-spray on my bike was $6,000 (then add a few other things in). Swingarm could be sanded and powdercoated and paint doesn't need to be quite so custom, making it very economical to repair. We really need the different classifications of written-off.
  12. OK there was a methodology available for getting write-offs back on the road. It was a 3 step process that involved inspection by a liscenced (? might have been approved) repairer, a govt authority and then the blue slip.

    From memory.

    Can't say with confidence whether it was Stat or WOVR that this applied too.

    It was possible but very complicated.

    Not on the work computer at moment, but I may have a link on Monday.
  13. If the frame wasn't bent all I reckon it would be worth trying to fix it..
  14. I wouldnt bother getting a spares bike fora ninja 250, they are reliable and parts are easy to get. You get spare bikes for rare items.
  15. NSW law changed a while? ago, they no longer have repairable writeoffs.
  16. OK this from the 2011 site.

    "Will any vehicles written-off after 31 January 2011 be able to be registered?A registered vehicle operator can apply to the Roads and Maritime Services for an Authorisation to Repair a written-off vehicle if:
    • The person applying for the Authorisation to Repair is an eligible person
    • The vehicle is an eligible vehicle; and
    • The vehicle has not sustained any non-repairable damage
    An eligible person is the registered vehicle operator of the vehicle at the time the vehicle sustained the damage causing it to be written-off.
    Applications to repair and register a written-off vehicle will be considered on a case-by-case basis."

    Still searching for more recent info.
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  17. And this:
    "From 31 January 2011:
    All NSW light vehicles written-off from 31 January 2011 are classified as 'statutory write-offs' on the WOVR and these vehicles can only be used for scrap or for parts.
    These laws apply to all light vehicles, including:
    • Trailers
    • Caravans
    • Motorcycle"
    Can't find more recent info, so it looks like a Statutory write off can be re-registered in NSW.
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