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auction sites etc

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. hey guys,

    i'm currently looking to buy one of these for my mums birthday:


    now, i don't exactly have $400 - $500 right now (i probably will soon, but regardless, i'd rather pay less) so i've been looking at auction websites online, and came across this:


    now, i'm just wondering if anyone's used it, or something similar, and if it's bodgy or what not, or the best place to buy from is?

    generally i use ebay, but it's not looking that much cheaper, really, than what i could get in a shop with a platinum members card etc.

    any help would be great :D

    or, alternatively, if you work at / own a camera store and stock these and wish to give one away or what not, i would be extremely interested also :D
  2. oh, i should also mention, for the camera buffs, who i'm sure will recommend other products, which is great, also! but why this camera is what i've so far chosen:

    my mum loves to snorkel (so gotta be waterproof so i can see pretty pictures of fishies), loses things all the time (so being left outside etc in weather is essential!) to then find them a day or two later, drops things so it's gotta be virtually indestructible, and well... generally just doesn't take the best of care with electronic stuff, and it's gotta be fool proof, cause she's never had a camera before that wasn't integrated with a phone.

    thanks :D (as i said, open to other suggestions, so long as it matches criteria!)
  3. Sites like Bidhere are not action sites. They are gambling sites.
  4. oh really? why's that?
  5. damn. not cool.

    either way, obviously there's better places??

    love some new ideas, or cheap cameras, or good places to go to in sydney? (oh yeah, moving back to sydney in the next month)
  6. graysonline and pickles are the only reputable auction sites apart from ebay I know of, but they generally are much closer to the retail premium.

    you can, however go to their showrooms and actually see the goods, but that sort of defeats the purpose when you're paying just a shade under retail anyway
  7. For Camera gear, I'd use ebay and buy from one of the reputable Hong Kong sellers like Digital Rev or DC Trade.

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  10. Bit I think the 400 mark is the lowest for that camera anywhere reputable.
  11. Good choice of camera Holly, and for the right reasons. I have an earlier version, a Mju 1030 SW, which I also mostly bought for the robustness and 10 m water proofing, since I also like to snorkel, and free dive to 6~8 metres. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use the Mju for that yet, but I will.

    What made my camera even more practical, which I think would help with your Mum, is to get Olympus Tough Action Pack V3 as well. See: http://www.olympus.com.au/component/option,com_product/id,457/Itemid,69/task,detail/
    "Exclusive nylon camera case for your outdoor adventures with your Mju Tough camera. Equipped with: arm band, belt loop, carabiner, and stretch cord from camera to case."

    Again, I have an earlier version, but find it invaluable. I use the arm band when riding, which gives me some security. The stretch cord has saved it from a few drops on hard surfaces. If I had taken it snorkelling in deep water, I would see this as an essential piece of gear, to prevent loss of the camera.

    StaticIce is your friend when it comes to pricing for both the camera and the Action Pack. http://staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=Mju+Tough+8010&spos=3

    PS: I got my camera from JB HiFi and got the Action Pack thrown in for free. Those people will negotiate!
  12. thanks everyone :D

    i'll check out websites and suggestions :)
  13. Hey Holly,

    I had a look and thought that camera might be good for my wife especially for taking shots of me in the dam. :)

    However, I read a couple of reviews and they said that the picture quality was only just acceptable and there was significant shutter delay which means that time between pressing the button and the camera actually takes a pictures it's long enough for you to miss a quite number of shots.

    You might want to have a look at the Sony TX5 and the Panasonic TS2
  14. My 1030 doesn't have shutter dealy, but of course they are quite different cameras, even though they are in the same family.

    Read some more reviews, or try one in a shop.