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Auction buy - Z750

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dave_vic_ozz, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    This covers a few different topics so I hope the general forum is ok??? :-s

    I got this 2008 Kawasaki Z750 from the auctions.

    I don't know if you have been to the auctions lately? It always shocks me what some people pay at these places. Postie bikes attract a lot of interest as do the Police Bikes. Buying in early January when people are on holiday meant I nearly didn't stay for this lot to come up as the number of people bidding on each bike was quite large. Lucky for me it didn't attract too much attention.

    The motor is going into a hill climber. I know nothing about the history of the bike or the owner or his / her health. I hope all is well there. I did however do this to a bike many years ago and busted my leg so I hope they escaped serious injury. This is as much fun as 4 wheels will allow me to do, these days.

    I have a few questions I hope you can help me with. :-

    It has a Micron Exhaust. Do these actually add power and if so how much?

    It has a Power Commander. I have seen readouts in a book where they look to add a small amount of kW especially at 4000 rpm. I guess it just runs the engine richer. Does this have any effect I should look out for like burnt valves?

    It only has one key. Can replacements be found easily for the Z750 or is it a case of needing to replace the electronics if I loose the key?

    Lastly, I am unsure what to do with the rest. Do wreckers buy this stuff? Got no idea what this stuff is worth. I guess the levers and indicators are ok as is the rear tyre and wheel.

    Dave D
  2. Exhaust depends if it's just a muffler or a full system - just a can will not add much in the way of power, just sound nicer. Full system can free the motor up a bit, add some power but more so improve throttle response.

    Power Commander alters the air/fuel mapping, how elaborate depends on the model of the unit. Basically you can load a specific map to optimise the fuelling for different types of power delivery. Most people use them to beef up midrange (where most street riding is done) or eliminate common flat spots around 4-5000rpm.

    A full exhaust system (ideally combined with a hi-flow air filter) will let the engine breath easier, and therefore run lean. A Power Commander can fix that so you get the full potential accross the rev range.

    Key depends whether that model has an immobiliser chip in the key. I don't know with that model... No chip means easy key duplication, chip means (I think) expensive replacement from Kawasaki, and you usually need a specific 'red' original for them to issue a replacement.

    Wreckers will buy parts, but only give you spare change for anything. I'd eBay everything you don't want, see what happens.

    Hope that helps - sounds like a fun project!
  3. what did u end up buying it for?
  4. #4 dave_vic_ozz, Jan 30, 2010
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I wonder if there is a way to track down the last owner to get the other keys and if they have original items from the bike? Not sure if I really want to know how bent up they got as it might put me off. 8-[

    As for the price, another 750 (sport) 2009 on its stand and running was $8500 plus commission. Mine, on a pallet, 750 (naked) late 2008, was what some paid for a postie bike.


    This was after 4 hours of tinkering.

    Dave d.
  5. awesome, i have dreams of putting a bussa motor in something like a ford Ka (yes ive seen the smart car ones, totally awesome) if i only had the $$$$$$
  6. Mmmm nice, my dream car is anything light with a big fk off bike engine in there.

    The micron (in combo with the power commander) will likely add a few ponies yes. The PC3 (tuned correctly) will have changed the air/fuel ratio for performance and smoothness - however it shouldn't damage the engine, the point is to make it run better - more suited to the mods that are effecting exhaust/intake etc.

    You can plug into it if its a USB model, just download the software from the website. You can then see what map is on there and modify it as you like, based on richening or leaning out fuel to whatever extent, at certain revvs/throttle position.

    Keep us posted with the project :)
  7. Will do.

    I guess I am chassing an exhaust (headers) for it. Mine is a little bent.

    Dave D.
  8. Been busy and dropped the motor in a frame.


    Loom is now stripped after photo.

    Dave D.
  9. Quick update.

    The first prototype hill climber will be built very soon.

    A lot of the stuff is custom and some of it has been run past a retired F1 chief design engineer who has assisted us with the build. He plans to come to our track to drive it so we must be doing something right. We have come up with some unique ideas and getting some serious interest from overseas.

    More soon.

  10. Awesome man, simple awesome. Would love to make a sprint-car style thing with a modernish i-4 engine from a bike...except I'd get it engineered for street use hahaha.

    Be sure to give us plpenty of pictures mate :wink:

    - boingk