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Attnt all Gixxer knowledge gurus...(600 or 750)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gpxkermit250, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Ive been trawling through the search function and google to try and avoid what might be a double post/question, so apols in advance if this has been done to death like other topics such as "which 250 should I get?" and or "do you nod to other riders?"

    I reckon Im about 6 to 8 months away from cash flow permitting an upgrade but like all things on 2 wheels Im spending an obsessive amount of time parousing bike selling sites, rubber necking everytime a bigger bike goes past and trying to figure out what is the right choice to make come the time.

    I currently have a GPX250, 98 model.Still loving it and still learning to trust the bike/lean lean and keep looking through the exit etc. Trying to push through some mental fear barriers at present due to silly SR's like releasing the throttle at the slightest rear end twitch/drift on a corner or target fixation whilst at the same time snatching some front brake. I know practice makes perfect and these are skills to learn, but I think this is where my current hesitation to entertain any bike bigger than a 600cc comes from and why Im not moving heaven and earth to upgrade in a rush. Perhaps I should do a course or get some tuition when it all happens, anyway I digress.

    Gixxer 600 VS 750. What can you tell me about both in comparison -
    (Price, Power, weight, handling, take off range through 0 to 130km, wheelie ease, brown pant rating etc)

    Coming from a 250....Is the 600cc enough fun, ie- I wont ever really utilise what ever the 750 could offer knowing that chances are it will never reach a track so good choice or with the 600 comes always wondering if the exta 150cc is going to be out there calling my name...

    ta in advance...
  2. I haven't had a chance to ride either of those bikes (I will soon tho :) ), but like you I read obsessively about motorbikes, so when upgrade time comes I'll be well prepared. This is what I know from reading and talking to other riders.
    Price: The 750's are usually a little more expensive than the 600's, natch. You can always find a bargain if you look though.
    Power: More power obviously, but more importantly, more torque. Makes riding around town easier; you don't have to shift as much to stay in the engine's "sweet spot".
    Weight: Not much in it, ~2kg
    Handling: I believe their suspension setups are the same

    Will the 600 be fun? Of course it will. Will you utilise the extra 150cc? I think the extra torque comes in handy, but both will be a nice step up from the 250. Riders I have talked to often remark that the 750 is a gem of an engine; a perfect compromise between the power of a thou' and the rev happiness of a 600.
    Hope that's been helpful :)
  3. Price you can answer yourself - look through eBay, Trading Post, BikePoint, BikeSales etc and Red Book. 750s of similar vintage/km/condition will generally be a little priceyer.

    The 750s are logically a little gruntier (I'm making up words as I go along now) down low. I love the motor and the delivery of the 750, it feels a little smoother and less frantic than the 600 (to me anyway) Coming off a 250 you will mess yourself on either for a good while, so I wouldn't let the power diff in itself inform your choice. Either will quite happily flip over backwards if you're not careful.

    Weight/handling etc depends on the model you are looking at - from early 2000s the 750 motors were put into 1000 chassis, in more recent years they have been squeezed into 600 frames. In both cases many parts were directly or almost directly interchangeable.

    If you're comparing the earlier models there is a difference in bulk - the sheer size of the bike. That said, I found my 750 to be a perfect fit as soon as I sat on it, more so than say a later model CBR600RR that I tested. Later models the 600s and 750s feel almost identical, because they almost are.

    Equipment and spec levels have tended to stay pretty even, major improvements to suspension etc would be applied to updated models depending on timing more than anything else.

    I'd suss out your budget and start from there. See what you can afford - you might decide that you like a later model 600 more than an earlier 750 for the same money. Of course bear in mind that all sports bikes have made massive improvements in recent years in power, but more so in handling, suspension and weight reduction. My 750 now makes current litre bikes look and feel like 250s.
  4. I bought an 05 gixxer 750, and although i havent ridden the same year gsxr600 (or any modern 600 to be honest) I do prefer the 750's torque over the 600's ive ridden.

    My 750 seems to handle fine (for me), and cruising is made easier by the motor, cause it really is a gem, as someone else stated.

    I'd say go the 7fiddy cause it makes life that little bit easier, but has everything the 600 has, plus a little more.

    good luck with your search.

  5. I was in EXACTLY the same position a few months ago. I previously had a gpx250 and was looking to upgrade. After testing basically every bike under the sun I decided on a gixxer. But 600 or 750? Def wasn't ready for the 1000cc rockets. You'll find that with every year from 2000 on, the 600 and 750 will feel and look basically identical and handle very similar. The only real difference is low end power, and although you may not need it, you will enjoy it. Also if your thinking 2000-2003 the 750 is fuel injected where as the 600 still has carbs, something to consider. Price is a bit more but its worth it, it will last you longer and you won't have the 'should i have goten the 750' Q in the back of your head.
    Some people will tell you that if your not riding on the track you dont need the extra 150cc, but i completly disagree, its the other way round. Its on the street, over taking trucks etc when the extra power is realy helpful.
    Regarding the upgrade. Yes is it fecking creepy for the first few weeks. You really need a lot of self control. I set myself a personal limit (6,000rmp first 2weeks, 8,000 first month...) I still scare myself sometimes, the key is just taking it easy.
    So basically, get the 750! Feel free to PM
  6. I agree with the above poster. Look at the whole package (price, technology, weight, comfort, looks etc) rather than just focusing on the engine size. I was considering a whole range of bikes (including older GSXR600, 750, 1000) but then went for a R1 because it was cheap, newer and had fuel injection (highly recommended). The other bike I had my eye on was a EFI GSXR750 which was also very competitive.

    Is a 600cc enough? Definitely. Is more going to kill you? No.
  7. Well..... :p
  8. Coming from my Ls, 750 was a bit scary. For the first couple of days. Then I rode it everywhere, then to Victoria, then to Queensland. Then did the superbike school on it. The best times of my life are associated with this bike. And all the time I wished I had a 1000.

    750 is probably the perfect bike. Some say it's the best bike out there. And I would agree. But I still wish I bought the 1000.

    It is actually very easy to ride. Much easier than learners. It's so well designed that it just watches over you. You can feel how the thing works under you, correcting the road and your imperfections.

    But I still wish I had a 1000