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attn. Sv1000 & hornet 900 (919cc) owners!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by abadacus, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. restriction over in 89 days! :D woooo!

    anyways, just a few questions about the above bikes

    reliability and common issues?

    how is the build and paint quality?

    what is the power delivery like in low revs/ low gear? smooth or manic?

    do you find the fuel tank to be narrow?

    vtr250 => 'X' seat height, much difference?

    aftermarket parts availability?

    will the cbr900 engine bolt straight into the hornet chassis? ;)

    how much do you want for yours? ;)


    ps. restriction over in 89 days! :D woooo!
    :D :D
  2. I had a SV1000S for about 18 months and 20000kms, no issues for me just servicing and tyres.

    The pipe headers started getting surface rust. This is pretty common.

    The suspension is the weak bit, lots of people put GSXR front ends and ZX10 shocks on, but I thought it was ok. I didn't want to spend the money on it at the time, with the price they are now I dont think you would get your money back but maybe an upgrade to look for when buying.

    Motor is the best bit, lots of torque, throttle will bring the front light. It is cheap on fuel for a 1000 twin, used to get 5's.

    I nearly bought another a few months as they are going for like $5K with 30000kms which is pretty good. Decided been there.

    Its fairly roomy too I am 6'2".
  3. 5's??

    I know Loz has attested to loving his 900 hornet. There's a thread about it in bike reviews I think. Thought it was the ultimate hoon machine. Personally, I would think that goes to the speed triple, but who am I to say he's wrong?
  4. 5-6L/100km
  5. Both great bikes.....but different.

    One is a two-pot thumper (the one I'd have)
    The other is a wind-out four-pot screamer..........but a torquey one at that....