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ATTN: Spada, vtr250/1000 and cbr owners!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nice2Bnaked, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Check out this puppy... I think its a breed between the vtr1000 (fairing/cooler) CBR (swingarm) and the rest is spada...
    Im currently building a heavily cutsom spada, and this is the only real competition ive seen so far. Mine already has more mods than this, but its trick none the less.



  2. I like it! It looks like a mini VTR1000!
  3. LOVE IT!!

    How much??
  4. personally if you were going to all that trouble and money you should look at a underseat exhaust.... and remove the vtr & spada stickers..... overall yep looks like a mini vtr and a very tidy job
  5. I dunno, it's nice way of fairing a SPADA.

    Wonder how much a VTR fairing set costs? :LOL:
  6. What are they going to do to it next?? Stick a turbo on?? :wink: :p
  7. not sure but they appear to have raised tha bars i think...quite nice really.
  8. a belt-drive and some oil in the swingarm would make it a buell :shock:
  9. erch.

    leave it as a Honda please!!!
  10. can see the japanese number plate in the first shot, they're always building crazy things.
  11. let me pick the sh!t out of this, being a vtr1000f owner

    besides the fairing it looks nothing like the thou, the fairing is sized to the thou, on this its way to big, it doesn't go with the frame, the cbr250 swing arm looks horrible

    fairing wise the owner would have been better off modding a nsr150 fairing as its a lot smaller and would fit alot snugger, same style fairing without the little park light, but twin head lights instead oh and is a full fairing, the little spada radiator would fit in behind it nicely

    not to mention the braided lines they have fitted are way too long for that bike, and looks horrible, enough line to allow for suspension travel, not enough to tie your misus to the bike and have your way with her with out taking them off
  12. With the large fairing though and the raised bars it's almost a mini-tourer... i quite like it. fairing may be a bit large but it'll keep the wind off without have to adopt a "hello-boys" style riding position.
  13. hey whats wrong with the hello boys riding possie, great way to tease the gays :LOL: jokes, but nah seriously, i am trying to find a top half of fairing i can have geled into place to replace the aging look of the storm and came across a wreaker on ebay with nsr fairings and the top half is the same shape but looks more modern, and would suit the spada oh so much better
  14. It comes down to taste i suppose, but i disagree... Yes the fairing may be a bit big. But look ath those lines. See how they line up the curve of the tank, the perfect line between ducktail and fairing, and even the frame is lined up. The radiator looks trick on the side, but i dont think it would work better. And the braided lines shouldent matter apart from looks, as you could have 5 metres of line or 50cm, and the performance would be the same as they rely on constant fluid preassure. But all to their own i suppose.