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Attn SPADA owners

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. I know this subject has been stickied, but there are a few of us that are looking for manuals (preferrably workshop) or any other documentation on this model, and I have had no luck in finding them. Also looking for VTR250 manual as well. There are alot of us out there, and I have had a great deal of experience experementing and modifying this bike, so PM me if you need some help/ideas/parts.

    NOTE: The spada is also known as the VT250F, and the ChickenHawk.

  2. The only one I know of is http://www.theedgeofmadness.com/spada/spada.html. It is missing some key bits like a full electrical diagram and it is very annoying how it is all split into individual page PDFs but it sure beats nothing! Big thanks to the bloke who put it up. You legend. :cool:

    I think the model is VT250L for most of the bikes I have seen. Mine is a VT250J 1988 one. The model number is on a sticker on the rear wheel cover under the seat.

    I've also seen it referred to as MC20 on Japanese sites. This seems to be the internal Honda code and the one used for the VIN identification.

    I think the VT250F is a different bike, earlier model maybe but only loosely related. The Chicken Hawk may also be another separate beastie. I did a google and it come up with an inline 4. Perhaps also known as the CB1?
  3. Yeah, that PDF manual is a bit messy but like you said better than nothing.. Also, the VT250F is definitely a different bike I used to have one which I sold to my GF and it still goes strong at 106k kms - see below:

  4. i've got a vtr manual if your interested