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Attn: Spada owners - Clutch cable part number

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by JL, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. For all of you out there riding Spadas, there will probably be a time when you need to replace the clutch cable considering the age of these bikes.

    Unfortunately Honda does not make these any more :shock:

    There is hope however, you can use a cable with the part number 22870-KY6-000.

    I installed this about a week ago and all seems well after ~500kms. I was told by a Honda Australia rep that some dealers had been using this part, but in case your local one doesn't know, you can give them this. Btw, it had to be ordered from Japan.

  2. Well, it seems this part number isn't in production any more either - just got told by my Honda dealer (after they had my money for 5 days :evil: ) that Honda no longer makes/stocks the replacement part number.

    Soooo, what can I do? I've tried all the wreckers I can find, none of them have clutch cables; I can't order it from Honda; and I'm suffering bike withdrawal symptoms...

    Can anyone recommend a place that could make up a new cable, or something?
  3. Maybe ask a car performance workshop? A cable's a cable's a cable, really.
  4. There's an excellent chance a VTR250 clutch cable will work, perhaps take your existing cable in to compare.

    Many Spada part numbers have been superseded, the parts haven't changed or have changed ever so slightly but still work, I noticed this with a brake light switch of all things.

    You can bet Honda did not make a custom clutch cable that only fits a Spada, there will be any number of Hondas that use an identical cable.
  5. Just to resolve this thread, I dropped in to Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers & Workshop at Alexandria this morning. They didn't have one in stock (they'd said they did on the phone), but they did make up a new one for me, using the broken one I'd brought in as a template. 45 minutes and $30 later, I have a new clutch cable.

    Highly recommend the guys there, they had great service and got me on the road again very quickly (despite having a million other bikes in the shop to attend to!)

    It all fits fine, and I'm back on the road again! :cool:
  6. great outcome. Have to admit I'm fretting a bit about parts for my Spada if/when I need them. Anyone with any leads on part numbers for anything that's likely to need replacing... I'd be very appreciative (and I'm sure, not alone)