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Attn: Perth Netriders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DuHAST, May 23, 2006.

  1. Perth Netriders I need your advice, I need to know if there are nice roads to ride over there.
    As I’m only a fair weather rider I am getting no joy here in Melbourne as of late, you see as this cold snap here in Melbourne rolls on, I find myself less and less interested in riding my bike, and more and more interested in knocking on my neighbours door and borrowing half a cup of sugar just so I can see her marble hard nipples when the cold air hits them as she opens the door.
    So Perth Netriders I need help, I know the weather is better and there will be more dry days per year for riding, but are there nice places to ride over there? Like routes that follow the coastline and lush hills to cruise thru?
    I have some friends that have been over there for a while, but they don’t ride and can’t help me on this one, & even tho my sex kitten of a neighbour will miss me I’m seriously considering leaving Melbourne, I’m cold, not riding much and I’ve stored about 14kg of sugar & there’s no more room in my kitchen pantry. HELP.

  2. No, there are no good roads over here. We only just got electricity for heavens sake. (Or so my mate from London tells me :p )

    But seriously though,
    the twisties are probably not quite as good or quite as close to teh city as Melb, but they do exist. The south-west corner of the state (about 3hrs from Perth) would be right up there amongst the most beautiful areas in the world.

    By car or bike, the whole Margaret River Wine Region is simply stunning. Vineyard after vineyard, secluded bay after bay with sparkling water and no one around. (Geez i should work for tourism wa).

    There are some nice twisties through the hills (half an hour from the city), but nothing compared to what you'd be used to.

    Its basically all about "Down South" over here. There are also some great 'long haul' trips to be had both east and north of Perth - probably more suited to teh more serious of tourers.

    The best thing about Perth is that winter is about 2 days long. The wost thing is having to pull on the leathers when its 40degrees out.

    I'll think up a few more places and let you know.


    oh and to 99% of drivers we simply dont exist.
  3. I enjoy the ride along westcoast highway along the beach at sunset/sunrise.

    But there is more nice looking places to ride here then there is nice roads to ride, we got so much room most things go straight.
  4. I've ridden in NSW a fair bit, and I'd have to say Perth is very different. Down south is definately up there for nice places to ride, but I guess it depends on where your based, and how much time you have to kill.
  5. You crack me up....... :LOL: :LOL:,

    You could always trade that chrome scoot of yours for a nice easy to clean plastic road bike like mine and then you can ride all year...... pharck it was cold this morning
  6. Depends on your taste in roads mate. If you like to annoy the "fully sik" brigade then riding the cappucino strip in Freo would be entertaining. West Coast Drive/Highway/whatever-the-hell-its-called-now is good for a casual cruise. South is the place to go though, once you break past Mandurah the old highway is a nice run. Definately more suited to comfortable bikes though - you'd get pretty tired/sore on a hypersports due to all the straight stuff.

    If you're just trying to pick up hot chicks, then try Scarborough or Cottesloe, but remember I know them all, so I expect finder's fees... :p :p :p
  7. Oh yeah,
    like the others have said, there are lots of places in the city for "perve rides" as we call them :) Cottesloe on a sunday arvo when the Sunday Session is pumping is "the place to be seen" if your into that. But not sure how the scoot would go there.

    I've got a nice little overnight trip i like to do down the South Western Highway, through the twisties to Collie and Boyup Brook and camp in teh forrest.

    Oh and there is a run down to/through Dwellingup that is very popular with riders.
  8. Well, gee, these guys are pretty right about south. The road up to yanchep and beyond to lancelin/ moore river is surrounded by ugly beach scrub. While yanchep/lancelin/moore river and nice places to go to, the road there is yuck's ville.
    I like the road south myself. Tall timbers, cows/horses winding roads and hills.
    Never done it on the scooter, but it's a lovely drive in a 350 chev two door 1970 monaro!
  9. sounds good Perth people, thanx.