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attn melbourne members... spot on motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by qbnspeedfreak, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. hi guys and girls

    i need a favor from someone in melbourne, i just recieved a sms about my gs500f that is for sale and the guy wants me to beat te price on 2 gs's that are apparently for sale at spot on

    i was wondering if any body could check the 2 bikes out for me and let me know on the condition or even if this guy is pulling my leg as i cant see the prices on the bikes being realistic

    bike 1 05 gs500f 8000kms $5500
    bike 2 05 gs500f 16500kms $4500

    i just tried looking on the web and they dont have an actual web site, if anybody could help it would be very very much appreciated

    thanks in advanced people
  2. I just checked their website, both bikes are there

    both 2005 models,

    16500 km $5995

    8000 km $4995????

    Thats what the website says, the $4995 bike doesnt include rego while the other one does
  3. whats the web address i googled it but only came up with phone number


  4. thanks champ
  5. No problems,

    Im heading to Spot On this Friday,

    let me know if you want me to check out the condition of those bikes
  6. would be good if you could basically just trying to work out why they are so cheap but judging by the website i guess its coz they wanna clear them, plus i guess they arent in real big demand in victoria, as they arent lams and they also arent really a step up from a 250
  7. you dont see a lot around in Victoria and I think Peter Stevens, just up the road from Spot on, has new ones for around 7 thousand.

    If I get there this week, I will ask about them and let you know
  8. ah dot worry bout the ones at peter stevens they are the same price i am selling mine for just want to know why the other ones are so low but i think i know the reason which i stated before, just cant believe this guys message expecting me to drop the price of my bike by 1500-2500

    he is dreaming if he wants one at that price i think he can go down there
  9. I got beat by Spot on recently on price too.

    My VFR800 is listed here in the for sale section and on bike point and I am not so desperate to sell it that I can drop a grand or more to match Spot on prices - and I have been asked.

    Nearly had a buyer on Sunday but he could only make an offer 700 less than my askin price.

    Don't know where they are gettin thier bikes but I just hope they are in good nick! :roll:
  10. yeah thats the way i see it, checked there site out and damn they have some bikes for sale
  11. If your price is fair and reasonable for the condition your bike is in tell him to bugger off and buy one from spoton, all things being equal the only reason he would be talking to you at all is because yours apears to be in better condition/better value than the other ones or he dosent want to travel to spoton so is trying to get a bargain from you.
  12. That's it mate, apples and oranges.

    GS500's go for a lot more up here. Might be worthwhile checking out selling interstate.
  13. the one with less kilometers was laid down
  14. Well they just wholesale bikes from everywhere. Thats where my 12 ended up, and they still have it for sale now at $12,990. Where as would have asked at least $14k if i was selling it privately.. :?
  15. So...the general concesus is that spot on sell good bikes at good prices ???
  16. apart from 250's ?
  17. no the concenus was they sell damaged bikes at low prices