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attn: ladeez! vroom vroom ;)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. fellas: um, well, look if you must.

    enjoy. :)


  2. :shock:
    Don't ya just hate 'curiousity'
  3. I h8 my brain at times
  4. Cute!

    :grin: :grin:
  5. You owe me one new vomit-free keyboard. :evil:
  6. Arrgh! My eyes!
  7. All i want to know is WHY GOD WHY!!!!!
    How is it you happen to have such pics???
    And why did i look, you shouldnt of said if u must, it made me, i had no choice :cry:
  8. Ohhhh, luved it! I see a new screen saver!
  9. luckily i had dialup :grin:
  10. Why didn't I read the responses first??? :facepalm:
  11. ok, to dispell the rumours :p

    was looking for male swimwear and happened across this. i think it would look seriously hawt on a female. though, i do admire how these pants hold his "junk" :LOL:

    oh, two thing:

    why do most 'boardies' for men go down to the knees? if i want to wear slacks, well, i'd buy slacks! :?:


    what does one wear underneath it all? speedos? nuth'n'!
  12. not keen on the cowboy boots .......... :wink:
  13. To cover up my office tanned legs!! And that's the way they should stay..... Covered!!!
  14. The first one I was like.. Hmm.. not too bad. And then the second one EWWW he's so ugly!!!

    Put a bag over his head, give him a little bit more weight, and that tan is so fake!!!


    I'm disappointed
  15. Proper Board-short underwear:

    - Speedos should be worn if any physical activity out of the water will be engaged in, ie beach cricket/football etc.
    Speedos are also appropriate if the elastic or tie of the board-shorts is loose, unable to be properly tightened, or otherwise deemed 'unreliable' in their charge to maintain the short's wastband at waist level.

    - Nothing is fine if activity is confined to the water, and there is little risk of an unsightly erection. OR if you will be changing into normal clothes after swimming.

    - a Condom should be worn underneath when in a spa full of hot girls to save time and the awkward 'getting it on... oh shit it's backwards.... AHA gotcha!' phase.
  16. This happens to you often?

    Nothing under the boardies. That's what nature intended!
  17. No.
    Unless girlfriend is being deliberately provocative... in the green bikini =P~

    But I mention it because every guy has considered that factor in their teenage years at least, before attending the beach/pool party - and anyone saying they haven't is a liar :)
  18. That is so wrong.................multimedia perhaps????? :LOL:

    it should have has a warning and I am going to report this to the mods for suedo pornography :LOL: :LOL:

    Is what's good for the goose, good for the gander????????
  19. That first guy was a bit.. erm.. unfortunate

    and those cowboy boots :sick:
  20. when a pair of white board shorts get wet, they can turn "see through".