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Attn Female Riders: Gender Bashing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by eve, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. I went into to a big bike store during lunch in the hope of ordering a summer dianese jacket (or looking through a catalogue at what they had)

    I $Hit you not - I stood there for 20 minutes near the jackets waiting.

    Okay - there was one guy who said "sorry luv just with someone at the moment" BUT

    Every other sales MAN looked at me - diverted their eyes and went off to serve another bloke!

    I moved near the desk where there was the usual hustle and bustle - only to find - no one came near it!!!

    Eventually I rudely interrupted the guy as he was 'wrapping up' and asked him if I could see a dianese catalogue

    "we don’t have one"

    I asked if the range was the only stuff they have in and if I could put in an order

    His response "it will cost you a LOT of money and take 6 - 8 months"

    I said "ur kidding - these arent my sizes - surely your getting more"

    Him: "nup - sorry"

    AM I the only one who is sick of this gender Bull $hit?

  2. it's not gender bullshit, it's just Peter Stevens.
  3. Next door is Yamaha City.
    Go up stairs speak to Johnny.
  4. That doesnt help my opinion of all of you XY chromosomed invalids.

    He was a right dik
  5. whilst it sucks and is something that is a right pain in the ass for the ladies.. i would imagine that they make up only a tiny portion of the number of riders out there and subsequently large amounts of choice and stock is not kept in stores as they dont sell :/

    but no reason for people to be assholes thats for sure
  6. And all women are stupid and shouldn't ride bikes, go back to the kitchen. :wink:
  7. come here and gimme a kiss


    Assholes i can deal with - (i'm not the nicest person if i dont wanna be) - its the avoidance and the division of importance that shits me.

    They dont know what i was going to buy or how much business i could bring them...
  8. :shock: :shock: :bolt:
  9. Johnny is also male and very helpful.
    Maybe what you need to do is take a deep breath and distinguish between a person who is both a F#$kit and a Male, or a Person who is a F#$kit because he’s a Male.
    I think you will find many more of the former than the latter.
    There are some of us who treat other people with respect be they male or female.
    Let me also point out that you are stating that you believe his behaviour was sexist, and then you are taring all people of a given gender with that brush, this behaviour is Sexist. Which one could suggest makes you no better than him.
  10. Well from another woman's perspective, I've never really ever had a complaint about the treatment I've received at any motorbike store I've been in. I don't feel that I'm treated any differently because I'm female. Some of the customer service experiences have been slack, but you get that in any store and it's nothing to do with your gender IMO.

    And in regards to the Peter Stevens stores I have found the staff at their Dandenong store to be friendly, welcoming (tey always look up and smile when I walk in/past) and helpful and obliging when I want to pick their brains regarding possible upgrades. They've offered me test rides and in regards to items not in stock, they've offered to get them in for me.
  11. Falcon - u make a good point
    But u can understand as a female rider that not many people take you seriously
    ... I'm not sexist - i'm just angry that there were 4 men in that shop that demonstrated the same behaviour.
  12. I would sya it's bad service not "Gender Bashing"

    My opinion would be to research what you're after then walk straight up to the counter and ask for it if not whens the next delivery.

    If I worked in the store and noticed 2 people one looking at bikes the other at jackets, I know who i'd attend to.

    The person behind the counter you spoke to is probably the mechanic and has little idea about what you're after.

    I think I wuld prefer to be otld straight "LOT of money 6-8months" means you can walk straight out and to hte next store.

  13. you stood there for 20 minutes? :s
  14. I've had exactly the same bad service from one particular large Melbourne shop - and I'm a guy! I've gone to P.S. a couple of times and been ignored for half an hour straight (which usually makes me swear that I'm not going to go back there ever again).To be fair, I've also gone in and been flooded with sales assistants trying to help me. I guess it depends on who is on the floor when you happen to walk in, and what kind of a day they're having.

    I second the Yamaha City comment. I've looked through catalogues there, browsed their entire range of boots, and generally nattered at the counter when it was quiet and I wasn't in a hurry to go back to work. If you want something that they don't have, they are happy to see about ordering it in.
  15. defore you burn your bra, quite a few bikeshops wouldn't give service to a guy with $50's taped to his forehead.

    thats why i spend my money at places with good service...if we all do that maybe it will catch on
  16. yeah
    silly huh
    i had money to spend and thought i would get something there.

    anyway - its all good - i feel better now having shared that dramatic lunch break.

    I bet that guy rides a scooter

  17. Bloody idealist :grin:
  18. i lie i just bought a helmet and googles at peter stevens and i bassically had to crash tackle the salesman and give him the money.

    i did this cause it was cheap...i guess im just a whore like the rest
  19. Have you considered that the reason that the male shop attendants avoided you is because you are good looking that you intimidate them..?? Maybe they're all too shy to approach you, make eye contact with you or help you try on jackets and pants !!! :idea:

    Try being a male, wanting to buy clothes, going into a shop that sells both female and male clothes to find that 2 racks out of 100 are male, and a pair of shorts (size 10) costs 3 times the amount a whole tracksuit (size 6) costs, or as a male asking the only female shop attendant something about a piece of male clothing to find out you might as well ask a wall the same question and get a better answer. :LOL:
  20. They prob went

    "OMG its a chick here....WAT DO I DO!!!!...I know. Just act kewl..."

    To be honest, if a gnome on 5 ft stilts came into my store I wont know wat to do either.

    P.S. I'm not saying you are a gnome on 5 ft stilts