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**** ATTN: Ducati 1199 & DIAVEL Riders ****

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. There is a current recall for MY 2012 and MY 2013 motorcycles in 1199 and DIAVEL bikes


    1199 series

    What are the hazards?
    The defects listed may result in loss of vehicle control, production of noxious fumes and/or reduced braking capacity.

    What are the defects?
    The following defects may occur:

    Exhaust Valve Bowden Cable Heat Protector: Under extreme conditions, the plastic protector could melt or burn, producing smoke and noxious fumes.

    Steering Damper Retaining Screws and Ball Joint: Under extreme conditions and after heavy wear, the steering damper may come loose.

    Rear Fork Fastening Bolts: The bolts need re-tightening to new factory torque standards.

    Front Brake Reservoir Connecting Tubes: After extended rubbing against the reservoir retaining screw, the connection tube could wear out and produce a slight fluid leak.

    What should consumers do?
    Please contact the nearest authorised Ducati dealer to arrange for installation of a Safety Upgrade Kit.

    DIAVEL series

    What are the hazards?
    Potential sudden and unexpected tip over hazard if the side-stand collapses, possibly resulting in physical injury.

    What are the defects?
    The side-stand of the motorcycle may bend, and under extreme circumstances, break in the area near the rotation pivot.

    What should consumers do?
    Contact the nearest authorised Ducati dealer to arrange for a replacement stand to be fitted.
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  3. g'day hornet - I still lurk ;)
  4. pleased to hear it, Netrider is a bit of a drug, isn't it??