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Attn: Bike gods. Re: I just wanna ride already!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mia, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. So I've got my gear (sans boots, which I had to order online because no one had my size).

    Have read the necessary noob stickies and tidbits of advice.

    I bought the bike.

    Now where are my friggin' Shogun frame sliders so I can get them on and ride off into the sunset??...stuck in the snail mail, that's where!!!

    I just wanna ride my Ninja already!!!!

    Grumble grumble mumble mumble....I'm off to the gym to work out this frustration...
  2. What the hell do you need frame sliders for?
  3. You don't need frame sliders to ride...just ride it already.
  4. For when he's being a mad**** and sliding his ninja under trucks and stuff
  5. You do realise that these last about half a second when you hit the deck, don't you?

    Save your money.

    And go to a army disposal store and buy some cheap old army boots. Don't wait for poncy riding boots.
  6. Frame sliders? Ohhhhhh you mean oggy knobs?
  7. My understanding is that Oggy Knobbs are a brand (like Ozy knobs, Shogun, R&G or Motovation), and frame sliders (crash knobs etc.) are the product themselves.
  8. Fair point, but if they save me from the cost of replacing or repairing a fairing from even one drop due to my own clumsiness, then it's money well spent. And as for cheap old army boots?..thanks for the tip, however, given I'm a 35/36 womens it's not likely I'd find a suitable pair!
  9. Oggy knobs can punch a hole in the fairing,
  10. Yeah deadman, something I did consider whilst poring through the countless "to oggy knob or not to oggy knob?" threads, which is why I went for the Shoguns. I read some really good reviews on them from people who did have the unsettling experience of dropping their bikes, but incurred no damage to the frame, engine mount or fairings. And I know they won't do squat if I find myself in a slide or other serious situation, but that's not what I bought them for; I bought them to prevent cosmetic damage as a result of a stationary drop. My full comp insurance should cover anything more serious, after all.

    In any case, I'm not gonna start a whole thing on whether knobs are good or bad. That's already been canvassed enough in these forums :)
  11. Motorcycles existed for more than 90 years before the widespread adoption of oggy knobs.

    If you're that worried about incurring expense due to your own mistakes, I suspect you may find the reality of motorcycling a rude shock :wink:.
  12. This is going to be funny.

    Just remember not to try to find a footing when you slide, you'll just sprain your ankle. Slide till you stop.
  13. Oh, I have no illusions about not incurring expenses because of my own stupidity PatB, but if it's a case of some silly brain fart where I forget to put the stand down or if I jerk the handles to the side while stopping, and I could have spent $200 on sliders against $$$$$ replacement fairings....then I'd rather save myself the self loathing and spend the $200 or so!

    Thanks boy.racer, I'll keep that in mind :)
  14. Mia, just ride the god damn bike.

    You don't NEED frame sliders/oggy knobs etc. You don't NEED the special motorcycle boots, GP's or DP's will be fine.

    Stop procrastinating, and get on with it.
  15. .. or you will end up with egg on your face!!....8-[
  16. Yeah but they look awesome! And the motogp dudes wear them.


    Look at them! Part of the price must be a coolness tax.

    Now what they NEED to do is make them as comfortable as normal shoes, so when I go down to the shops or stand next to my bike I can do so in comfort.
  17. The boots in the pic are as comfy as normal shoes, I have them (thanks AAMI)!!!

    PS they also add more hp - true story
  18. I have the SMX 4 boots. The hp increase was only minor.
  19. I went with the Gaerne's and now my bike won't start...help?!?