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Attn all QLD'ers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maddog, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. didn't that sound very formal? hehe. Just wondering who here is from or around brisbane? All these coffee nights down south and days out etc and looks like we dont have many people here in brisbane :( I have never been out riding with no one before but i love riding and would like to catch up with other ladies and gents and form some friendships amongst the brother and sister hood :cool: I am a shy fella too :oops: anyone from brisbane?

  2. there are a few Brissie members :)

    Me included :)

    There is a coffee night meet every Friday night at the coffee club at Milton :)

    Bee there
  3. milton ey....hmmmm :-k I will go check where that is, i am on southside of brisbane and dont know the northside at all :oops: Any southsiders go? could maybe organise a ride over together or something?
  4. lol why hasn't anybody told me about this coffee night?? must be a conspiracy against the blue_muppet! jokes :p

    What time does this coffee night kick off?
  5. I'm from brisbane... keen for a coffee meet anytime... except for in the next four weeks or so, cause i'm busy with work :( then on holiday :)

  6. I'm in brisbane, live south side , underwood at the moment. Haven't been to the coffee night at Milton
  7. I like the sound of this coffee night. I hate coffee however. But im sure they sell something else haha. When i get a bike im sure you'l see me there. I live in bardon, so it't the next surburb for me.
  8. Brisbane coffee night, huh? I suppose holding it in Dirranbandi is out of the question?
  9. I'll try to get there this Friday - although i might wander 50m down the street to La Doica Vita for the coffee!

    Any one coming in via Old Cleveland Rd?
  10. I'm on the southside as well in Bogan city :) , why don't we try to get something happening somewhere local to us ??Any suggestions
  11. I'm from Brissy too (well, Ipswich, but I work in Brisbane). I believe the coffee is usually to be had at the Coffee Club, and not La Doica Vita :) Usually seems to get going at about 7'ish or so, although I can never tell between the Netrider people and the QMRF people and anyone else who's there, but who cares - we're all 2-wheeled happy people :)
  12. i am sure there would be somewhere we could get something going for all the people over this side of town, and so i dont get lost :oops: 8-[
  13. Friday nights at Coffee Club, Park road, Milton. And you get Bikies discount on all F&B as well.
  14. i'm gonna come out of this looking daft..but F&B? what is it and will my wife approve?
  15. food and beverages?
  16. yep...daft..lol

  17. what sort of discount are we talking here.... :-k
  18. I am a QLDer!, Milton is a bit far for me to go for a cup of coffee though as I am on the south end of the Gold Coast. Would love to join in on a ride sometime...
  19. sounds fun. Won't be able to make it this friday but next friday sounds ok. Thing is, how do I know which of you are netriders? Should I just stand up on a chair and do a special dance so you can tell its me? :p
  20. everyone will know who i am, i am riding the polished red one :) you could do that muppet but considering there is other netriders there this may not be unusual , i suggest you do it in a G string instead, there maybe a slim chance, only SLIM that you "could" get arrested though, but its a chance i am willing to take