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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pragnasty, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. riding with attitude???

    im wondering how the people on this forum ride their bikes.... :?:

    myself i ride pretty aggressively .. eg;
    if i see a clear space ahead i will split to find my space...
    (rather than sitting caught between a bunch of cars {more risk})


    do you just cruise.. chill out and enjoy the wind on your face and not pay too much attention to whats passing you...just go at your own pace...

    i went for a ride the other day... i spent the first half having a bit of a fang throught the twisties :twisted: .... but found myself in the hills and i just cruuuiiiiiized... relaxed and enjoyed the moment.... :grin: :grin:
    riding through the rainforest while leaves float down on you from the sky.... very coool (makes me happy i bought another bike :grin: :grin: )


    do we ride to suit the situation?

    or ride to our mood (like going for a ride after listening to ministrys greatest hits {not a good idea[trust me :p ]})

  2. Some days I putt a round, all relaxed normally slightly speeding pulling little gaps on traffic, not aggressive at all, changing gears at low revs, etc.
    Other times I hook into every corner, every round about, etc, speed a bit too much, pass a cop going the other way speeding they look at me...I go home.
    That always slows me down on the next few rides.
    Thats local stuff, in Melbourne I'm alot more timid, I lane split alot, but I don't speed much because I have no idea where speed cameras are, so confusing I could see how all use Melbournians get done easily.
    In Ballarat I know where all the speed cameras are setup or could be, all the quik ways home, back ways etc, all the roads.
    On long rides I cruise at around the speedlimit on the highways, til I get to a good road than I have my fun, don't speed on the straights, give cars the occasionaly wave when they pull over a bit to let me thru.
  3. Mostly when commuting I try to ride ahead of the caged pack.

    I've got my first 1000kms under my belt and getting a bit more used to riding but I have noticed my speed is creaping up.

    On the otherhand sometimes going slower gets me more space. I'm definately not an aggresive rider, but try to apply a steelly attitude. No matter the situation I'm always evaluating time and space, scanning and predicting as many scenarios as possible.
  4. i guess i ride on how i feel
  5. I ride to road conditions, weather, the traffic on the road and my state of mind at the time.

    If im in no rush but just for a cruise, i will do just that.
    If im off to a certain place by a set time, i ride with more meaning. As it wont speed, but wont drag my feet either.
  6. I definately ride according to my mood.
    Some days I want to go out there and fly around. Other days, I like to just putter. :roll:
  7. Like the others I tend to ride too my mood, and can change from passive to aggressive riding in an instant if the situaton demands.
  8. I cant avoid sticking my bike threw traffic to get ahead of the caged pack, I put it down to not wanting a ton of plastic & steel next to me with no idea of what shade of idiot is driving it.

    I really should try cruising, but like the sound that comes out of the pipes when I'm giving it a bit :)
  9. Always assertive, never aggressive. There's an important difference. This is a basic distinction that I was taught when I first learned to fly hang gliders.

    Few accidents are caused by a single event. There is almost always a chain of events that lead up to the catastrophy and each of those events represents an opportunity to correct the problem or reduce the severity. The best example is the too-fast-on-approach, running-wide, grab-brake, hit-gravel, front-breaks-away, slide-in the-dirt crash that we see each week here.

    Riding assertively means positively managing the bike so you can respond to each step in the chain.

    Riding aggressively makes you a passenger from the moment you misjudged the entry speed. Thats because an aggressive approach trades reduced judgement for increased risk. It relies too much on conditioned responses and (like the classic handful of brake on a wide corner) will bring you undone. It might get you through the twisties 1 minute faster, most of the time. I want to get through 30seconds faster every time.

    On a twisty road I make sure I'm assertively controlling the bike - positive, measured control inputs, continual reassessment of the road, my speed, other riders, my own level of concentration - all the stuff that I need to consider to maximise the fun without compromising safety.

    In traffic I ride assertively. I make the biggest space I can around me, I eyeball drivers to make sure they've seen me, I hand signal to let drivers in and acknowledge their courtesy. It sounds dumb and hard to explain, but I use a body posture on the bike that is assertive and I suspect that the open face helment helps. Not because I look tough (I don't) but because drivers can see my eyes and I know that they know that I know that they've seen me.

    Riding assertively doesn't mean riding slowly. It is an active process - a mind set - that I adopt on the bike to ensure that a) I always have options, b) I am in control of the bike (not vice versa) and c) other road users know that I claim the right to my piece of bitumen.
  10. I always ride to suit the conditions - riding to suit your mood alone can get you killed. In perfect weather yeah I'll lanesplit ahead and corner fast (where appropriate), but come winter when there's heavy rain or the chance of ice on the road I'm always going to take it easy.
  11. I hate to admit it but I think I ride similar to how I drive - with a few exceptions, like splitting stationary traffic, positioning in my lane to discorage cars to cut in, etc.

    Obviously technique is very different too, but in terms of attitude and taking passing oppertunities my riding and driving is similar.

    I haven't had too many close calls with cagers and I think it has a lot to do with the above.
  12. well i guess in reading chairmans comments i guess i would class my riding as assertive
    i always ride in a pose which instills fear in the cager (well i think so lol)eg: hand on the hip... or scratch my @rse while riding... the macho est thing ever better yet when your riding your bike.... :LOL: :p

    i always check my line set my speed but am always ALWAYS ready for the inevitable, i check my mirrors every 4 seconds on the h'way but am always ready to lanesplit at any oppputinity to put another cage behind me.
    i began as a very nervous rider, but after about 4??? years of riding now i am very assertive.
    whether or not my balls have slowly hardened to steel ( or loss of braincels due to alcohol consumption :shock: ) i dont know but i take more risks... be it calculated and push myself more, a better rider
    but if the unexpected does eventuate, i can make a quick decision and rely on my ability attained
  13. I usually ride mine in the sitting position with the engine running and the wheels turning :LOL: :LOL:
  14. In the city, I ride like a bit of a bastard. Makes me feel safer.

    In the country, I relax a lot more and go with the flow.
  15. I'm far too easy going to be a warrior of any sort. I just buzz along taking in the sceanery as I please. The old bike used to get its pegs scraped but this one cost me too much to bin it so I'm generally fairly sensible. :grin:

    In town I make a point of being the boss. :twisted:
  16. I like to ride like I'm on patrol; in country. :cool:
  17. Depends on my mood, where I am, who I'm with and what I'm riding :) Living where I do, it's not hard to go somewhere that offers the roads that I'm feeling like riding on at the time.
  18. I'm usually pretty agressive when i'm in my own little world on the road, sometimes i don't like the fact that i zip in and out overtaking cars, lane splitting moving vehicles and speeding but it's fun and better than getting stuck behind some nutzo driver who keeps hitting the brakes for no reason or some doofus who would prefer not to do something stupid but does it anyway.
  19. Usually chilled and relaxed happy to cruise.

    But find myself riding aggressively sometimes, it depends on how ridiculously banked up all the cagers are... in Brisbane recently the trains have been taking random strikes...
    and even when it looks SLIGHTLY overcast the traffic is just crazy.
    I swear those two factors bring out the retards in force.

    Oh and it also depends on how desperately I need a coffee before I start work ;)

    All depends on the day!