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Attitude! Whats right?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, May 8, 2006.

  1. I used to see this guy on the way to work (in my car) on an R6, who used to both inspire me & scare the shit out of me. Lane splitting at speed & traffic weaving were just pat of everyday riding for this guy.

    I told my mate, who I used to car pool with, that I wouldn't ride like that if I got a bike cos it looked dangerous BUT.....

    Lately, I have found myself... with the mirrors off :twisted:, (if you haven't tried it, give it a go before you flame me), tucked in on the bike sitting at about 110-115 on a Saturday Morning (10.00am) splitting, weaving, backing my 250 Hyo into corners & power sliding in the wet..... Okay.. so i'm on a 250, so it aint too bad....
    I'm just wondering what the other riding style of people is. I know Kraven rides kinda like me (from what he posted) and Bikie..... well he is just a FREEEEEAK on a cruiser (maybe i got it from him) and for those of you who have ridden with Kishy well that requires no explanation... lol..... on my little 250 I am so focussed on whats going on around me in traffic and what other people are thinking and what I will do if this driver does this or that... That i'm to pre-occupied to think about my riding.

    Is this a bad thing?

  2. What were we saying about if I had a dollar for....?
  3. the right attitude for me is to take a punt at what my limit is, knock about 50% off it and ride like that. sounds to me like you're going for 110% every day, things may end in a fashion you might not prefer.
  4. Sounds like you have flow.
  5. Life has a way of showing you your limitations sooner or later :)

    Just go 5-10 kmh faster than the cars cause its not a race track where everyones in the same mind set as you some of them are not even thinking about driving their own car let alone your bike

    As far as corners go I guess you have to try and find your limitations without hurting yourself cause most of us like to crank it over in the corners just think about it in traffic cause then you have a lot more than just you to consider
  6. Not that my opinion is worth anything but take it easy on the road mate.
    You do want to make it to 25 don't you?
    Have fun but don't kill yourself. Leave room incase something goes wrong. More then likely you know this already.
  7. Re: .... Attitude! Whats right?

    You see even if your talepathy holds up, this is where you will come unstuck. because you will find that half the time, at least half the people arn't thinking. They are just doing stuff and don't know why.
    And when that stuff sudenly closes a gap that you need, and you have no where to go... Ouchies. Lets hope it is just the Hyo that is a write off.

    Now i am finding i am splitting faster than i used to, but i am also hopeing that I don't push to the limits you are describing. It is a risk reward equation, and I personaly feel the risk is to high for the reward. The other equation is about how much you willl shock and piss off the cagers. now why should you care you may ask? because Cager rage is an issue, and if one of em does something intentionly stupid to take down a rider, they will have done nasty damage before any degree of sanity can kick in. It may not happen to you... But then again. it just might
  8. Ride like you want to mate, but pay careful attention to your spidey sense. Pick your spots to be a total idiot, your spots to be simply aggressive and your spots to pull your head in, and that way if something shitty DOES happen, you'll be less likely to end up with tyre marks across your leathers.

    Everyone likes to have fun - but the riders who stay on 2 wheels long-term are the ones who know when to keep it in their pants.
  9. If you ride like that most of the time you may become complaicent with your skill and lose it one day.
    And if you do I bet the injury list will be a great read.

    If I can get reconstructive surgery for a fall at 40kmph then yours are going to be really impressive.

    Its your call all the same. I know Ive been known to go over 60kmph, WOW what a buzz. Can you even see the cars at 110kmph.
  10. These days (now that I've got to think about more responsibilities that just myself :roll: ) , my rule of thumb is never to commit to a situation without having an escape route. In other words, I don't dive between cars without knowing that that there is a way of getting out of there if things go pear-shaped.
    I used to take greater risks, even though I was very aware of what was happening around me. But nowadays I get a VERY uneasy feeling whenever I feel like I'm fully committed and have got no options. So I try to avoid that now. It takes some of the adrenalin out of riding in traffic, but not necessarily the all the fun.
  11. power sliding a hyosung 250 :rofl:
  12. Re: .... Attitude! Whats right?

    I got pulled up for something else and the cop didn't even notice i had no mirrors :LOL: ,but i've taken that as my one lucky get off and put them back on (Plus it's hard to do full head checks with a neckwarmer).

    I don't always ride like that because i know it increases your chances of being hit but it is more fun when you're doing it and thats why i ride instead of drive (Someone giving it all through the mountains has just as much chance of crashing).

    The main thing that i've found is you just have to accept when it isn't a good day/area to ride like that and just take it easy instead, if you leave your driveway every morning saying to yourself "i'm gonna get to work in record time" then you'll put yourself in more danger that it's worth.

    oh and don't tailgate :wink:
  13. As TAZMAN said, you should be aiming to travel at a speed just a little above the traffic. You need to consider not the speed you are going, but your speed relative to everyone else.

    Some guys do FANG it in the traffic, but I'll bet they don't do that everyday...day after day...when commuting etc. Neither should you, or it will all catch up with you. If they do, it will catch up with them to...eventually.

    Don't ride in a way that requires a measure of luck or good fortune, because it WILL run dry - it always does.

    Case in point...coming into work today, heavy traffic as usual...3 lanes, with the inside lane clear...I give it a bit of a fang and get up to about 90ks, while the other two lanes are stationary, and up until this point I have had a good "flow" going...But yy spidey-senses tell me this is dangerous because of my 'relative' speed, and I back it off. I then see a break in the line of cars, and intuitively hit the brakes to wash off alot of speed - why?..coz a brake between cars like that, often means there is a side street and the drivers are allowing room for cars to turn across traffic into that street...My intuition was correct, becasue just as I reached that clearing, and even though I was looking out, a car shot across in front of me, missing my front wheel by about 6 inches, with me hard on the brakes again in an effort to avoid hitting the car.
    Had I been riding at my original pace in an effort to get ahead of the traffic, I would NOT be typing this now.
  14. In lidonits defence he did say in the wet...
  15. bad tyres :shock:

    :p :p :p
  16. lidonnit sounds like your riding style is getting you closer for a bike upgrade.
    Perhaps an R1 will suit, make sure you wear singlet/shorts/runners/helmet, also reminder to pull plenty of monos off every set of lights also.
  17. Loz!...That belongs on your signature mate. Perfectly said. :)
  18. just clarify a couple of things.

    I dont ride like that every day.... I dont ride every day for that matter.
    just sometimes when it looks "not too busy"
    Not that it makes it right but I only ride like that on multi lane roads & only on Nepean or the Eastern.... Western ring road etc etc.
    I know Nepean is 80k zone so people sit at 90 and i sit at 100.. Then when I get to the front i'm happy!!!
    On the Eastern I normally sit at about 115-125 cos the traffic is always at about 115.... I dont tend to lane split as much on the Eastern... There's 4 or 5 lanes so there aint much point.. I'd rather go around a car than go between them.

    I like rain riding cos backing the bike up to a stop or before making a turn is fun to do sometimes around suburbia.... Obviously not when it's peakhour or from 130kph.
  19. Hey mate, don't get defensive on it, you asked a question, we gave answers that related to the question as it was asked. if you noticed no one said don't do it. they just said these are the risks you are facing.

    is it the right attitude??? i think a good way to look at this is what is the most fun. Not necisaraly the most fun right now, but the most fun over all.
    If it brings a mile wide smile to your dial and finishes in a burning heap at the end of a gully and that works for you... then go for it.

    But if it brings a nice little grin that you can keep up for the next 30 years, and that is what you want. then maybe your should reconcider your style.

    If you think you have the ballance, then more power to you. But always remember riding on the edge with deaheads in the area is playing rusian rulette.
  20. Yeah sweet man, thanks, I wasn't getting defensive, just wanted to clarify it cos I re-read my originally post and it made it sound like I ride like that all day/everyday... I dont :wink:. Was just wondering if people ride similar or other ways.... Most people I know, ride pretty much like this.... Was just thinking of the whole "product of the environment" type thing.

    Thanks though :wink: :wink: