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Attention SPADA owners: Airbox pics needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by upg, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Would someone please take a picture of the airbox cover (top and bottom views) ?

    I bought a spada and one of the previous owners has decided to remove it.

    The pictures will help me greatly in tracking one down as currently i have no idea what it looks like.


  2. Just google 'Honda Spada Technical Manual'

    There are a few places that have it for download
  3. thanks guys, but i've seen those pics. the manual does not show much detail on the airbox.

    i have found an airbox
    basically i just need to confirm if it will fit my spada
    it is over east and i am located in perth so i dont want to buy it and pay for shipping if it wont fit


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  4. Do you need if for a RWC or something? im sure you could make something up if not.
  5. I think the Spadas were made in 1988-89, so it's possible the airbox you have could be from the tube-framed VT250 made in '87, not the Spada (or another other VT250 variant, of which there were many). That said, the airboxes of the two models could be identical? I'll see if I can get you a photo of mine anyway.


  6. Hi

    Thanks hugh
    that would be much appreciated

    the reason i need the airbox is the engine does not run well without it. the restriction and hence vacuum is required for the fuel tap and carburetors to operate properly.
    for some reason the previous owner decided it would be a good idea to remove it and chuck it out.
  7. Yeah must admit that's a bit strange. Also wonder if a VTR250 box would fit?

    Sorry I didn't get around to it last night. Tonight I promise!