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VIC Attention riders who park in Melb CBD

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by brainz, Feb 8, 2016.


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  2. Should edit it and post the little fcukers face pic up.

    Probably got a lid in his bag. Snip the fcukers fingers off.
  3. Wtf

    Does anyone know if the cops have been notified with this motherf*****s pics...
  4. Thats easy:


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  5. well that's two reasons why we need to get this fcuker :)
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  6. I'm cool with this.
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  7. Maybe a citizens arrest might have been a little more appropriate.
  8. me too :)
  9. the Vid shows that this dude seems to have a helmet and perhaps gloves in one of his bags.
  10. Let's post his pics up on various sites etc. He's bound to get noticed.
  11. I agree 100 percent. Instead of taking pictures why call the cops and keep following the shit giving them updates as you walk or just tackle the little turd and knock him out then call the cops while restraining h
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  12. Sadly you don't know if the little prick has got a coward weapon (knife) in his pocket. OP was right to just get the best photo possible and spread it around. Hopefully he'll choose the wrong victim some time and end up on the missing persons register.
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  13. I hate thieves with a passion.
  14. Agreed. Although i'd be happy if it was the missing finger(s) register at the very minimum.
  15. Just kick his teeth in
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  16. How do you feel about ones without it?
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  17. Yeh...hate them too.

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  18. I say let the cops nab the little turd!! Hopefully he spends just one night in the county lock up and gets to play "mummy's and daddy's" with big bubba. He won't be able to sit on a bike for weeks let alone want to knock one off!
  19. He'll never be caught. That would involve Victorian Police doing something other than handing out speeding fines and nabbing people in the CBD for jaywalking.
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