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Attention Ravers!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by wang chung, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. One too many eccy's methinks
  2. Heheh, gotta love the tight black jeans too.

    Rave-wear it aint!
  3. Looks like he is doing martial arts or something along those lines.
  4. hey thats me!!! :D

    wuuuu chow!!!
  5. ahahhahahahaha

    I bet that's the guy who OD'd last sat.
  6. is that dude actually a straight-edger or did he just do the whole "x up" thing to look cool. FYI straight edgers are people who go to clubs concert etcetera and draw that x you can see on their hands. they "stay poison free" and dont do drugs or drink or smoke. so if the x on his hand is genuine im guessing that guy is just huuugely high on adrenalin. or just crazy :p
  7. Lots of clubs mark X as their passout stamp. Been to some semi recently which they have done that so a big X won't mean they are a straight-edger.

    And *laugh* to straight edgers who go to clubs 'poison free' There is enough passive smoking done there to have had 3-5 packets of smokes in each night :)
  8. oh. rightio. my bad :oops: didnt it start out when clubs in america allowed under 18s in their places but put a huuge x on their hand so they couldnt buy booze? and yeah. me being under 18 and all :wink: but i reckon you come out of those places smelling worse than a pack a day smoker. like you couldnt smell more of ciggys if you tried.
  9. That video's a crack up too. Especially how everyone else is just kinda standing around.

    Musta been some damned good eccys!
  10. Yeah, that one's a classic too!

    Have y'all seen all those other pictures she's been cut and pasted into? They fall into the too much spare time category, but some are quite amusing!
  11. bloody hell. it looks like someone dumped a creme caramel on his head. ahhh the 80s. thank god i didnt have to live through them. well much of them anyway.
  12. pubs in the us do it the other way around. You get a stamp to buy booze. Same at big day out, livid etc. When you go in, you show your ID and they put a band around your wrist so you can chug.
  13. That's an absolute crack up! Although I shouldn't laugh, I was probably like that saturday night! Luckily no pictures were taken :p

    He might look like a dick but farout he would be enjoying it :wink: :p