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Attention Potential Rubber Chicken Relay Folk

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PatB, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Hope this doesn't count as GD dumping but I'm trying to reach the widest possible audience.

    As related here, Stretch McBokbok, the Netrider rubber chicken should, by the time of posting, be entering South Australia. Any NRs in SA or western Vic who might be able to meet up with the current custodians, please check out the linked thread and PM me if interested.

  2. Keep me listed as wanting Stretch in march next year people :p. Hes going dredging, and then to tassie!
  3. First you need to fill out the 300 point questionnaire designed to determine if you are a fit and proper person for Stretch to consort with. ;)
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  4. And then you have to knit him a cardi
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  5. made of puppy dog tails.
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  6. In Argyle pattern
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  7. With CE armour inserts
  8. You win
  9. Chicken breasts
  10. Chicken Fillets.

  11. mmmm tender...s
  12. Better than this one
  13. That's a pants suit.
  14. Which is why someone needs to do a much better effort at making a cardigan than that.

    Do try and keep up.
  15. I'll check on my knitters forum
  16. Good. Get them to work on argyle rubber chicken cardigans immediately.
  17. hey pat re pm
    there a few south aussies around , i have not met many as i ma new and work weekends.
    if the chicken needs a ride on a weekday i may be able to help , depending on what day/days.
    thats the best i can do bloke.
    i am north side - blabbs and jphanna are south.. plus a few others around i have noticed.
    give us all a heads up and we will see what we can do.
  18. Thanks for that Phil.

    I'm awaiting contact from Stretch's current custodians regarding their route through SA. When I get that, I'll keep you all posted and we'll see what can be done.
  19. Update:

    Stretch is now in Barraba near Tamworth and will be in the area for a while. He's looking for a new custodian after his Transcontinental adventures so if you can help, contact me and we'll arrange a pick-up.