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Attention old Kawasaki nuts (the bikes, that is!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, May 1, 2007.

  1. "Old kawasaki nuts..." Perhaps a good new nickname for Robsalvv?
  2. What rusted and loose? :grin:
  3. Cool find Paul, when bikes were made to last forever. I love that old classic bigbore stuff. Has a pic of the machine I rode across Canada on and I cant believe even a shot of the original Max Max movie, MFP Z1000 that "the Goose", Steve Bisley rode :grin:
    :furious: we'll see you on the road Scag, we'll see you like we saw the nightrider :evil:

  4. [​IMG]



    Very cool bikes. Me likey.
  5. I think I need to buy another Z.........thanks Paul! :twisted:

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. :LOL: I wondered how long it would take you to find this thread :LOL:.
  7. i love these bikes! what an era, to bad i wasmt around when these were the bees-nees
  8. Honda brought out the CB-750 and Kawa had a 750 ready as well. So they waited a few months and developed a TWIN-CAM 900, and trumped Honda in the best possible way. It would be impossible to number the people who started racing on a Z900 or derivative; Kiwi Graeme Crosby made his name here in Australia on several of them, before going overseas and finishing second in the world 500cc champoinship.
  9. Nah, it's all good, there still enough of those bikes and interest in 'em to keep it alive :cool:
  10. Exactly! And a fine example is still less than a late 90's equivalent bike, plus they are still half decent on performance and handling.
    If you don't mind a bit of work, they can be positively dirt cheap, especially the Z's with a plethora of speed gear and reproduction parts available.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. GO THE Z!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Tremendous pics :cool:

    Two of these models I'd own, of course a Z900, but something about the z1300 as well. The bike was HUGE and all engine with six cylinders.
  13. Performance yes, handling hmmm....mind you the z650s were pretty good all-round. The Z1000A I had handled ok but had a fair bit of suspension work to make it so :LOL:
  14. Alex, one of my many great memories was of Garry Thomas wrestling a 'Pipe Organ' down through the esses at Bathurst, in the gathering gloom and rain of the last few laps of the 3 Hour endurance race!! He was chasing Tony Hatton, who was on a Honda Bol d'Or, so corporate honour was at stake. When the race was over he had worn through the two outer exhaust headers, dragging them on the deck through Bathurst's many corners. They were brave blokes in those days, and the Z1300 was the least likely race bike I ever saw, but Garry just closed his eyes and wound the throttle to the stop!!
  15. Top story Paul :shock:

    I would have backed a Bol d'or against a z1300 at just about any track, but Bathurst was just an insane place where incredible things happened all the time.
  16. Now this is a Z :wink:

    Note the swingarm
  17. Nothin like a Z1R with that coffin shaped tank :)
  18. I've got an '86 gpx 750. Anyone know if there is a forum for them?

    Sorry for the hjack if i did