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Attention Buell Owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owen, May 2, 2007.

  1. I'm just wanting some buell owners or ex-buell owners to make themselves known so i can PM them some things about buells as im sick of hearing conflicting stories about their quality, value etc.

    Cheers! Owen :grin:
  2. Yep former owner and shopping for another one now.
  3. "Uncle Bren" had an XB12 but don't ask a group of people for their advice if you're "sick of conflicting opinions."
  4. Post it for the world to see.

    What's so secretive about this "information"?
  5. :LOL: succinct and appropriate, Loz :LOL:.

    {"In the multitude of counsel there lacks wisdom"}.
  6. 2001 M2 Cyclone. 1203cc never had a problem with it. Got around 60000km's on it. 20000 in the last year. And I dont ride to and from work because I need my ute. Gets ridden rain, hail or shine. prefer shine. Just got back from the doityourselfer car wash after riding it last saturday.

  7. I understand the notion of opinions and that they are course going to differ, but what i meant is i didnt expect the comments to be SO conflicting. As in one person saying they are great and another saying they are garbage that is all, normally a 'good' bike has most people saying its good.

  8. Is there much performance difference between the older ones and the XB series ones?
  9. Not sure, havent ridden an XB for a long time.
  10. And do you find service costs are more expensive than other bikes and that parts are harder to come by? Or are many of the parts shared with harley davidsons?
  11. engine parts are shared to a point. Not real expensive for servicing, just dont take it to PS. I take mine to Hyperformance
  12. Oh i was told by another mechanic that only harley dealers will service buells, im guessing that is incorrect then? How much have you spent roughly on your buell since you first bought it? Just with servicing, tyres etc?
  13. You can service it at home - pushrod engine - no shims.

    Service is really nothing more than change engine oil and filter and transmission oil and check primary chain tension. Add plugs and air filter and you have done a major service. You can source all the parts from you local Autobarn or similar car shop, use any 20w50w oil, nissan sr20 oil filter is same as harley, buy comparable model ngk plugs to HD ones and I suggest a k+n filter then you can reuse it all the time and save more money. If you cannot turn a spanner then any mechanic even a car one can service a harley engine - no harder than a holden red motor.

    I got warranty services done by dealer then did them myself after warranty finished. Minor service was mid $200, major was high $300 labour being the main component.

    My XB was 100% reliable, zero problems. I am yet to meet any owners that have had problems - just plenty of people who have never owned one themselves yet talk endless about how my Buell will blow up - same people used to tell me my Triumph would send me broke in the 90's :roll:
    I am not suggesting all buells are perfect, bound to be some probs like all brands of bikes, Ive had a 'they dont build a bad bike' Honda trailered back to shop twice and the 'strong engines' Kawasaki that's engine was stuffed up at 24,000km so I no longer subscribe to the word on the street.
  14. that's sort of true if you're going to a dealer
    i.e my BF tried to book his honda in for a service at Boltons Kawasaki cause he heard they were cheaper - they said 'sorry take it to a honda dealer'

    so I would assume that only Peter Stevens Adelaide would service a buell out of all the dealers.

    but any generic bike mechanic should be able to manage a general service on any bike. they're not THAT diffrerent
  15. Hyperformance, Pro Street Cycles, K&M Motorcycles. Just to name a few that are Harley based mechanics. They all do Buells aswell
  16. xb's dont have any particular problems. any stories you may hear a more likely to be inspired by earlier model buells (which even buell admits were not perfect, but no more so than any other manufacturer) and the fact that they have a harley based engine. ask your mates their opinion on harleys and you'll no doubt get the same response.

    xbs are completely different to the older models, and the engines in fact share minimal parts with their harley counterparts. breaking belts is really the only problem you might face. early xbs have better belts than previous model buells, and 05 (i think) onwards have even better belts again, so much so that they give no trouble anymore. i haven't had any troubles with mine. done 14000k in 6 months without a hiccup. brought mine from harley city (wouldn't go near PS to buy a bike) and the service guys are brilliant, no outrageous charges or the like.

    there is lots of crap on the net about big problems with the dealer network and servicing, but this seems to be entirely a US problem. lots of the harley dealers over there treat buell like a problem step child, but its not something you hear about over here.

    its definately worth getting an XB over the older models, nothing wrong with them - but they are odd looking things. XB bikes are faster (go for the 1200 for sure), handle fantastic and look tough as.
  17. I haven't got one, but bugger it, here's my 0.002c worth.

    Buy one.

    I'm yet to track down an owner that is unhappy with theirs.
  18. Im wondering about the whole buell/harley thing in terms of how people treat you. Like my impression of a harley dealership/mechanic would be mainly for bikies. This could be totally wrong but i dont know any better - so would i be taken seriously as a non-bikie?
  19. Test rode a Buell Ulysses recently...I loved it,what a blast! And you can tour on it...Although the small tank was dissappointing,and the belt drive over dirt roads could be a worry too...
    Its a good price, and any f/wit can do home services as well.