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QLD Attempting to get QLD reg

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chris Regan, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Okay so I'm having trouble trying to get NSW registration so I am going to try get it registered in QLD. What do I do to change my address to a QLD garage..

  2. Queensland residential and/or garaging address documents:

    • Contract of property purchase, lease/rental document, mortgage/land ownership certificate
    • Electricity, gas or telephone account
    • Queensland local government rates notice; Queensland Land Tax valuation notice; Australian electoral document
    • Queensland vehicle registration notice or certificate; Queensland driver licence renewal notice
    • Bank statement issued within the last six months (must be accompanied by corresponding credit/debit card).

    Current or previous financial year:
    • Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Notice of Assessment/Tax file number confirmation notice. The ATO recommends that you block out your tax file number prior to presenting this document.

    Ref: https://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF4362/$file/F4362_CFD.pdf
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  3. the registering person doesn't need to be the owner(?), so get a QLD friend to rego it for you?

    How will it be easier in QLD than NSW, if neither have a record of the VIN?
  4. If it won't pass muster in NSW why would you think it would pass in Qld?
    What is the problem with the bike?
  5. Yes good question, are the NSW laws that much stricter than our in QLD? The other issue is fines. If you get a ticket for parking, speeding etc, your Pal IN QLD will loose the points if he/she takes on the name for rego's sake. But that's only as I understand it.