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Attempting DIY geabox fix

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by down_with_choppers, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. I know you will all think i'm stupid, but my uni mates have convinced me that we can take the engine out of my ZX-7R ourselves tomorrow. We're gonna check that its not the external shift mechanism that's broke first. If its not we're gonna try take the engine out then get the yamaha mechanic to fix the rest of it.

    Fire away with all your tips and dangers to avoid in an engine removal :grin:

  2. Drain coolant and oil first of course.

    Mark all the bolts and wires and hoses with masking tape
    and a texta so you remember
    where they came from. In a month or two when you put the engine back
    in you WILL NOT remember 100% certain where it all went.

    Be Careful to get a sealed tub like a lunchbox, and a big tub, to put all
    the bits in and don't leave any laying around. You will lose them or bump
    them and kick the bits everywhere (trust me I know, it sucks trying to
    find 47 bolts kicked under the car when you can't remember if there
    were 47 or 46).

    As soon as you remove the carbs and exhausts, plug the holes with clean
    rags and stickytape over them, if you drop a bolt or some dust into your
    engine you will be very upset. Tape over any other holes like vent holes.

    When lowering the engine, release the supporting jack(s) very slowly,
    you will probably see 1 or 2 things that need to be disconnected that you
    haven't disconnected yet.

    If you take your time and use a bit of discipline on your mates (re marking
    things as to where they attach) you will get the engine back in with no
    trouble. Else, you'll be a bit lost and not look forward to trying to get it
    back in, and you'll probably put off reinstalling the engine for an extra
    few weeks.
  3. Thanks Hotcam, took note of your advice and labeled everything. But hit a major hurdle (like always) .

    The front sprocket nut WON'T budge. Even borrowed a mates rattle gun - no good. Will try too borrow a bigger rattle gun tomorrow

  4. Those LEFT hand threaded nuts can be a bugger sometimes hey
    :LOL: :p :twisted:

    ps: may not be left hand threaded and just being stubbern :wink:
  5. Holy crap it better not be left handed!!!
    Are any sprocket nuts usually left handed???
  6. Not mine (KLR) - just did it yesterday, bought the biggest torque wrench from Super Cheap - about 18" long and easily undid it - need to put brake on and a longer breaker bar may be necessary.
  7. try and get a workshop manual
    use glad snap bags, there great stuff
    take photoes of each step you do

    fixed my gearbox just over 3days
    and cost me just under $200
    not bad for a first atempt