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VIC Attempted Theft - Tiger 800 XC - Carlton North

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Kingdom, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. This morning an attempt was made to steal my Triumph Tiger 800. I didn't hear anything at the time, but do leave very early for work in the mornings, so it is possible I have disturbed them. The bike has been dropped a short distance from where it was parked, ignition smashed, wires cut, steering lock still engaged (but definitely work done to try and disable it).

    Any attempt to start it would have failed as I have altered the electrics slightly to make it as hard as possible, without knowledge of the alterations, to start it.

    I had stopped using my disc lock several months ago as it would make a loud shriek when I disengaged it and considering my very early departure in the mornings I was conscious of disturbing my neighbors, I guess that will be changing.

    The bike can't be ridden at the moment (damage to the ignition etc.) and hopefully will be repaired shortly, but pissed I can't be riding at the moment.
  2. KingdomKingdom that sucks that they damaged the bike trying to steal it. Good though that you still have it and only require minor repairs to get it running again.

    Is there any way you can chain it to something with a big ol chain and expensive padlock? I'm assuming it's outside and not in a garage etc.
  3. Damned shame they did so much damage. Heart goes out to you. Hope insurance covers it.
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  4. The dirty thieving b@stards.
    Hope you get back on the road soon!
  5. Shame it didn't fall on one of them and smash an ankle or something.
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  6. Screw the neighbours, protect the bike at all costs :)
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  7. If they are neighbours like mine ....what BezaBeza said lol
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  8. Glad they didn't steal it hope you're back on the road soon
  9. Nice work with your "alterations"! Triumphs are the common theif's target of choice with their 1990s security measures
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    That's pretty crap Matt. At least you still have the bike you spent so much time on riding around Oz. Hope you can get it up and riding soon.
  11. I should have it riding again soon, just need to get it checked over for insurance etc. and some minor repairs, it's about due for another service so kill 2 birds with 1 stone stuff.

    Thanks everyone for your support, glad it didn't get taken, I'm kinda attached to this one, there are a lot of memories attached, as Middo said one big ride around Oz earlier this year, just me and the Bike, and a lot more riding since.

    I've got a big ol chain sorted, disc lock is back on, but I guess the best thing to do will be to sort out parking that is a bit more secure.
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  12. As a famous person one said

    "To the left and right of the bike are the machine-gun nests, M-60 Browning. Now these babies tend to heat up so shoot in 3 second bursts"
  13. Shame it didn't fall on both of them and smash a head or two or something.

    Moar Betta!
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  14. Tigers do have immobiliser in the key. From the manual...
    "System Description
    The Tiger 800 and Tiger 800XC models are fitted with an electronic immobiliser system to help protect against theft. This system has to be paired with the ECM and the
    ignition key which contains a transponder chip. If all the components are correctly paired, the immobiliser will allow the engine to start."
    Now if they only had small explosive devices to be rammed into appropriate orifices for thieving bastards..
  15. They do
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  16. Have you got the bike back yet? And have you thought about security?
  17. I'm still waiting, and starting to get a little bit peeved, 9 weeks without my bike is just too long. I have thought a lot about security and have plans in place for when it is back.
    It was great catching up in Freemantle/Perth, I don't know when I will be back over west, might have to go for another ride over your way in the future.
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