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Attempted Theft - Docklands, Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AdamA, Feb 7, 2015.

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  2. Your footage AdamAAdamA ?

    A bit hard to tell - but looked like another Daytona?
  3. fukcing Aholes, top effort from the bystanders
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  4. Not mine, it's just doing the rounds on social media atm.

    Yeh it's a 2011 (I think) Daytona 675se
    Apparently the owner of the bike just bought it last weekend, and yesterday was the first day he rode it to work.
  5. This is why you should own a hunkojunk commuter. Pay a grand for a bike and ride it into ground without getting it serviced, discard and buy another. Cost of servicing should pay for a new bike. either way.
  6. Good to see people stepping in and questioning what was going on.
  7. So did all of the witnesses get the number plate of the Falcon ?
    I think I've seen that guys picture before in relation to bike thefts.

    Book him for riding without a helmet too.
  8. no plate on the wagon.
  9. I'd like to park my bike there with a Taser hooked up to it so he gets 50,000 volts up his ass.

    I'm sure that fat security guard would have caught him then.
  10. Spare ignition coil hooked up with the plug lead ending just under the seat vinyl in the centre. Not that I'm suggesting people be vindictive or anything.
  11. U serious or taking the piss?
  12. Hah, I'd have two wires running from each terminal to both sides just under the seat and a contact switch so any weight will trigger it.

    Vindication is best served with paralysis. :)
  13. untitled.
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  14. I'm serious. Some people took pictures and video. Someone else actually fronted the thief. You have a problem with people having balls?
  15. i reckon an sms controller for front brake, wait for the numpty to get some speed then remotely engage front brake.......
  16. Lol, what a about your ride dude ?
  17. They have vaginas, not balls.
  18. So fronting the thief means they had vag? And what would you have done? Turned on your 'cruiser face' and waved your 1% flag?
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  19. Not everyone has tough stickers, and a Harley.

    Some of us even have to consider our reputation among our peers should we by a cruiser let alone a HD.
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