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Attempted road bullying

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Doubled, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. My first disgruntled customer.

    It was a sunny monday afternoon, making up for the fact that it was a monday. Luckily I decided to take the bike into work for a change. I was heading home... that traffic lights ahead had just turned red with a decent amount of cars ahead...my previous and only accident was from someone running up the back of me not paying attention:cry:... so as a precaution I filtered around 4-5 cars further, cars that had come to a complete halt to avoid this situation again.. The light turns green..we started moving forward...as such the disgruntled, dopey looking, long haired, poorly shaven, fluro wearing customer had decided he didnt like my lane filtering and suddenly swerved into my lane whilst yelling all matters of abuse... thankfully i had directed my eyes towards my left mirror to check the surroundings...saw him at the last second..swerved to the right and tapped the brakes to avoid him...he then performed a sudden brake test:banghead:! I was glad to see his brakes were working...clearly passed his recent pink slip with his 4x4ute(y). This guys keen for a monday night brawl...alright come at me:finger:! I moved over to the left hand lane and proceeded away on my trip home having a good old laugh at his expense. Has anyone else had a run in with this guy or maybe someone similar...just goes to show some people have some proper anger issues and I truely feel sorry for whoever is associated with this sort of person becasue i would worry about if he would do that to someone he doesnt know imagine what people around him all the time could cop..

    On a brighter note.. Boy is it good to be back on the bike after 2 years.. :]

  2. There's some d*ckheads around.
    Glad you're OK.
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  3. Your bike accelerates quicker than a car, as soon as the lights turn green don't go at the same rates of the 4 wheeled variety just skedaddle.
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  4. While I strongly agree with the sentiment, I read it that he didn't filter all the way to the front.
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    You can tell a lot about a drivers mood by the space they leave between themselves and the car in front. If you can't get all the way to the front at a light it's often better to forsake a few cars advantage to stop in a big gap or next to a slow accelerating vehicle.

    And tailgate the shit out of the car in front when you take off.
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  6. Yeah had a similar experience a few years back, some maniac did a similar thing. Gotta be prepared for all breeds of dickhead out there.
  7. As of July 1st that kind of behavior from drivers will become a chargeable offence in NSW. I reckon anyone who filters from that day forward should have a camera on their bike or helmet, cause there's going to be some uneducated numptys out there who will see an influx of "queue jumpers" and get the shyts.
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  8. I find most people make way for me when I filter with only a few exceptions. The worst I had was a van that swerved into me to try to hit me, he came pretty close. I don't get that mentality... I imagine if he killed me doing this he'd be pretty fcuked up about it for a long time after that. Do people not consider the ramifications of what would happen if they do hit a motorcyclist?
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  9. people in general don't consider the ramification of anything they do. It's starts at school and is a symptom of the selfish egotistical and narcissistic society we are becoming.
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  10. This guy oughta try driving in Indonesia....
  11. See, thing is, they wouldn't see it as their fault & justify it accordingly. Almost like they did it out of self defence!
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  12. I don't know if I agree with that. People who cause fatalities on the road, even if they were not their fault, often are pretty affected by it long term.
  13. Strangely (or perhaps not) the majority of incidents like this I've had over the years have been perpetrated by mums with kids in the back of the wagon. Sometimes associated with filtering, sometimes not.
    I get one or two blockers a month, maybe one serious threat a year. I'm pretty sure they don't think about the consequences at all.
  14. Yes true. People get pretty peeved tho and seem to justify all sorts of stupid behaviour.
  15. Sad that the OP is a NSW resident where filtering is to become legal. It appears the cagers are not up with the latest legislation.
  16. Most people aren't aware of it becoming legal soon. Even my mate who rides didn't know about it til I told him the other day.
  17. As far as I know there has not been any info put out about the new laws. Does anyone know what is planned, if anything?

  18. NSW Transport has THIS press release.
    Motorcycle Counciil of NSW has THIS
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  19. might print out a few copies and keep them and a ready disposal to throw at communters in their cages...
    something to read whilst sitting still in traffic :wacky:
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  20. I had a run in with a taxi on my l's on punt road, late at night, pushed me in to oncoming traffic

    Passengers were screaming and hitting him, same same.

    Quick learning curve, i just filter relatively slowly, you'l tell by the cars actions who doesnt want you to pass.

    Ontop of that, i pull up on the pedestrian crossing, not the solid white, inbetween lanes, so hopefully even if the car behind gets punched, it may just take out a leg rather than over the top.

    I'll get booked for it one day, actually I have been pulled up on it once, and told the TMU that id rather get a fine then get squashed, he agreed and let me on my way.