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Attempted motorcycle shop robbery

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by william8, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Re: attempted motorcycle robbery!

    Nice! Lol at the guy on the scooter just sitting there and get push over.
  2. Re: attempted motorcycle robbery!

    Just finished watching that. Funny watching the pos with the hammer, threatens everyone, but the gutless prick wouldn't dare hit someone.
  3. Re: attempted motorcycle robbery!

    pity they weren't able to apprehend one of them, no doubt he would've rolled on the others to save his gutless ass
  4. Pretty funny. But seriously, what were these crims thinking?
  5. Re: attempted motorcycle robbery!

    The bikes out the front must feel like shit, easy target but the crims didn't want them!
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  6. Lol... Hi-vis scooter thug.. Doesn't seem right.
  7. Re: attempted motorcycle robbery!

    That's what i thought. Not sure what they were going to do with the bike even if they got it out the front? Wheel it away? Presumably all the bikes aren't sitting on the floor with keys in them!
  8. Was the plan to tow them with the scooters?

    Love the dick that gets pushed over twice.
  9. Re: attempted motorcycle robbery!

    I'm tipping those cables running through the wheels may have something to do with it...

    I lol'd at 1.40 at the two on the road. Would have been funnier if the scooter kept going and busted the other persons leg!
  10. lol at the scooter guy getting pushed over twice..

    bunch of cowards... glad the shop staff didn't feel threatened and fought back.
  11. haha yer thats when i laughed most, when the bloke on the scooter was shoved. good to see a happy ending to scenes such as this
  12. Ducati riders finally have something to be proud of. Nice work by the staff, especially the first guy who went in solo and outnumbered!
  13. Would have been identified if they had front number plates? Wait for someone to jump on that one. Rear number plates didnt help did they, or hi viz, or full gear.

    Should have put the bar thru the front wheels of a scooter. That would have fixed em.

    But i did notice, one seriously small shop?
  14. lol at the bad guy who goes and gets the pipe but is still too chicken shit to do anything with it
  15. Skinny Jeans and Scooters. Scary stuff!
  16. Love happy endings
  17. where was this? sydney?
  18. In the UK!
  19. Salute' Ducati reseller and staff :D

    So glad the scooterist got slammed twice..........monkeys............<shakes_head>