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Attempted bike theft - what damage to look for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bugeater, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Some upstanding member of our society attempted to steal my Honda. I noticed when I found the cover off the bike. I was pretty confused about the cover being off until I found the ignition wires all stripped. Now either they knew something I don't or :-s, because it has HISS (a built in immobiliser). My guess is that they had a crack, couldn't start it and left. Has anyone had a HISS fitted bike stolen?

    What damage should I be looking for once I get a chance? Other than the stripped wires I couldn't find anything. The steering lock seems intact, the bike does start etc. I just don't want to insulate the wires up and find out in a few months that the ECU unit is damaged or something and I can no longer make an insurance claim.

    It's a real PIA. I mean at least it looks like the HISS system did its job, which is good, but I don't understand why they even bothered having a go. And let us just say, it will be a lot harder to steal in the future.
  2. Plenty of HISS bikes have been stolen, you dont need the bike running to steal it.

    I have had plenty of experience with the HISS system and they would need a HISS key and matching programmed ECU to have any chance of running it.

    It sounds like you got away easy, just insulate those wires and move on with your life, there is almost no chance that they F***ed anything if it starts up OK.

  3. as Karl said!!