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Attempt on the Mitta Mitta 1000

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bobthekelpy, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. I quite enjoy longer days on the bike, not quite at the Iron Butt level though..

    Lately I'd been contemplating an attempt on the Mitta Mitta 1000, as started by Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike. I'd chosen a different route, and it came in at only 896km's, hence this can only be called an attempt.


    This route was chosen as it's a nice loop from my place, I had a contingency to add in a detour to make the 1000km, however a few things conspired against me to make the start difficult. I'd had in mind a nice early start time of 5am, as I wanted to be home in time for dinner. A sleepless night with two young kids was the first hurdle. The second being after I finally got up, kids sorted and made my way to the servo, it was around 7am. Not too bad, but then as I went to pay for fuel, no wallet! Ring the wife, who thankfully ran it and my phone down to me, but by this time it was 7:39am.

    Not a lot of route planning went into this, I had in mind the rough route I wanted to take, so I just entered each destination into my GPS as I went and let it choose the way. The first destination was Mansfield, where I entered in Whitfield on the GPS from there, as I'd wanted to do the Whitfield-Tolmie rd for some time. A great road, but lots of leaf litter meant it was taken pretty easy through there. From Whitfield it was on to Beechworth for a fuel stop, fuel light was well on when I pulled in at roughly 350km on the ODO, it took 16 litres of 18lt tank. From there it was on towards Mitta Mitta. I pulled up a lookout over the valley for a quick snack and drink break and to take my thermal off as it was warming up.
    From here onto Mitta Mitta, loads of other bikes at the pub, must have just come through as not a lot of bike traffic on the actual road. A couple of nufties using both sides of the road, had to take evasive action for one wanker to avoid a head on. Other than this it was an uneventful run. The road from Mitta Mitta to Omeo should be on everyones must do list, it's got to be one of the best in the country!
    Next stop was at the Blue Duck camp ground for a rest and a coffee.
    Having wasted so much time early in the morning, I was keeping the breaks short. From this rest stop it was on towards Omeo, then Bairnsdale for the next fuel stop. Pulled in with about 325km on the ODO, it took 15 litres this time. I was amazed after the run through that fuel usage was remaining pretty good, as most of the Mitta Mitta rd was done in 2nd - 3rd gear with odd sections getting unto 4th..
    Pretty boring run home from Bairnsdale, road works in a few sections made it a slower trip, but actually made it home by 6:30pm. So, all up 896km done in 11hours for an OA of about 82km.
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  2. Fantastic job with the "attempt" bobthekelpybobthekelpy, building up for the real deal next time :) What a great way to spend a day!

    Mitta Mitta to Omeo you say? Will add to my long "to do" scroll (y) In the mean time I better take my bike out and practice few corners!
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  3. Good stuff!!!
    I've done over 1,000 kms in a day (Wollongong to right into Melbourne via the coast) a few times, and once, back in '06 1228 kms in a day (5;30am to 1;20am) on the 600 Hornet. Long rides are very satisfying....
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  4. That's one big day out on the bike (y)

    Fr33dmFr33dm , Mitta Mitta to Omeo is 100Km of non stop twistes. An absolutely awesome ride. You'll need to practice more than a few corners though in preparation.

    No way even after 2 years of riding that I could do more than about 600km on my bike in one day. Need a tougher ass, or a much better seat. Well done.
  5. Top effort bloke :):)
  6. Great effort. Did you stop at GoozaGooza's campground and treat the Beemer to some "off road antics?" Perfect weekend for a ride.
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  7. You'll need to elaborate, mate..?
  8. Thanks, they sure are. I have done 1000k plus days before, I just ran out of time on this ride due to a late start and a set finish time to be home. But, that's the way it went on this one, still enjoyable for sure.
  9. Nicely done.
    That was a late start indeed. You don't need all that drama on a day like that. You made good time.
    I think Melbourne to Melbourne via Mitta Mitta regardless of where you live in Melbourne, can be classed as "The Mitta Mitta 1000"
    So, Your "Mitta Mitta 1000 Club" Badge is on it's way. (y)
    Welcome to the Club.
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  10. Yep GoozaGooza, I have no illusion that Mitta Mitta - Omeo is one of the most exhilarating as well as challenging roads in the High Country. One look at the map leaves one in no doubt! I know I'm not ready for it yet.. But if I keep looking at the map and sigh over stunning photos, nothing will change for me. So if I want to ride that stretch of road before I die, I better practice as many corners as I can find here!
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  11. Well done on a decent day ride, how was the Mitta Mitta road above the snow line? I found the surface to be very loose when the road markings turned yellow.

    I nipped up to the Whitfield pub for lunch yesterday (~600km) with a lovely couple of runs up and down the Whitfield road, not a scrap of leaf litter so you must have blown it all away for me ;)
  12. Thanks. There was still loose gravel on the shoulders, but the majority of the lane was clear. So as long as you aren't cutting too close to the shoulder, no problems.
  13. Nice work! So many bikes out on the weekend. Even the cops that pulled us over on the Omeo hwy asked if there was some kind of event on.

  14. Where on the Omeo Hwy did the cops pull you up,
  15. We are doing a 3 dayer on the 4th Dec, Omeo Mitta Mitta, Falls Creek, Etc,
    115 kays of tank slapping happiness, Its even betterererer Than the EJ road and longer,
    Its a magic road, I did it 5 times in a week earlier this year,
    860 Kays in a day is a good effort,
  16. Plenty of leaves back again on Saturday, but really only for a few kms south of the electricity pylons. That first butt-clencher where you can see across the valley was covered in 'em.
  17. As stated previously, where the yellow lane markings are is a bit shite on the Mitta Omeo Rd.. Certainly made me slow down significantly.
  18. Bruthen
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  19. Aw man, I need to do this again.... Excellent days for it lately.
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  20. I take it the sealing of the Omeo Hwy between Omeo and Bruthen has been completed then. It's been a few years since I was up that way.

    My last 1000km+ day was a few weeks ago. Left Macksville on the NSW coast just after 530am. Down the Pacific Hwy, was refueling in Wauchope by 7am. Up the Oxley Hwy to Walcha non stop, a quick sunscreen and piss stop, then down Thunderbolts Way to Gloucester non-stop, fuel stop, a quick stop in Dungog and then through Singleton and down the Putty Road to Windsor with one quick stop along the way, a stretch of the legs in Windsor (735km @ 2:30pm) then onto the Hume. Stop in Pheasants Nest for fuel, somewhere near Goulburn for a bite to eat, and then straight through to Gundagai. 1100km @ 18:30pm
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