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Attatch short board to motorcycle?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deXtrous, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Hey folks. I'm soon to be joining the motorcycle bandwagon here in Sydney prompted by a long time desire and having someone to ride with now (girlfriend).

    I live in Western Suburbs and often commute all the way to Brighton-le-sands at Botany Bay to go kitesurfing. The drive is a killer using horrible roads like King Georges Rd and the M5 tunnel. A bike would seriously reduce traffic times if I were able to filter the traffic, but I need to lug around this big 134cm kiteboard and the kite itself (in a backpack).

    Any other board riders have a setup to allow a slim width carrying a board? I realise it's a big ask to filter traffic and also carry a board, but even without the filtering, is there a suitable way to carry a board at highway speeds through Sydney?

    Cheers guys, look forward to getting to know some of you guys and head out on a cruise or five.
  2. I once saw a bloke with a short board mounted on a bike,I was so suprised as he went past that I didnt take it in.That was at Fairlight,3ks from Manly.Short slow trips might be ok but over 80ks and spliting would be nuts.Maybe ask at the bigger surf shops for info
  3. Depending on the bike, I would have thought a board that size would be fine laying down lengthwise on the pillion seat, strapped down, maybe with a rag tied to the end of it depending on the overhang?
  4. Yeah was thinking something like that red zx,

    Or something along these lines.. But on a sportsbike

  5. See, no big issue. Just common sense really. I am sure you would not take off riding with it on the back unless you were happy it was going to stay there. I know how much some of that stuff costs (workmate kites).
  6. The one I saw at Manly was more than twice as long and mounted down past the rear wheel and on its side like the scabbard of a sword,like I said it was nuts.The one in the pic looks ok to me
  7. anyone live in/near brighton le sands? keep the gear with them?

    otherwise, i've seen boards on bikes numerous times - all about positioning it as flush with the bike as possible.
  8. A rack, vertically behind the bike? or along the side.
  9. split boards?
    I know I wanna take up kitesurfing so if you work something out I'd be interested in seeing it hehe :D
  10. get an auto and carry it under your arm?
  11. If someone can carry a full size bicycle on a motorcycle, I'm sure there's a way to carry a 134cm surf board.
  12. Where there is a will, there is a way!!
    The racks you can buy are cool, but they make the bike a bit bigger which personally i dont want. This pic is today in the royal national park. i rode about 100ks today with board on side. no worries....

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  13. hats off to you, sir.=D>
  14. great safety gear...

    but yeah, where there is a will there is a way :)
  15. I hear ye! When I go surfing, I take a risk as I don't really have anywhere to put jacket which is bulky as.