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Attacked by a tub of carpet glue!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I now have documented proof that there are incidents that there is absolutely no way of avoiding. Sorry, but Mr StayUpright, you are just plain wrong!

    Riding to Haggis' to help him move house this morning, I make it to the front of his place and am approaching a right hand bend. Just as I am about to turn into the corner, a ute coming the other way loses a big tub of glue off his tray and it flies across the road straight at me. I swerve left and avoid collecting it head-on but it hits the bike on the right fairing. The impact is fairly big and it hits my foot but I feel OK. I managed to keep the bike upright and did a U-turn to go after the guy because I couldn't see him in my mirror so I figured he had done a runner. Once I get around I give it a wristful only to realise he has immediately pulled over. I go to get on the pics and my right foot grabs nothing but air - THERE IS NO BRAKE PEDAL! I get the bike stopped with the front and pull in front of him.

    Tony(Supernego) happens to be a couple of hundred of meters behind me and pulls in just after I do. The driver doesn't even ask if I am OK and starts looking at the bike. My toes ache a bit but I'm not in pain. I'm pretty agro and have a few choice words with him. He tries to act like it is no big deal as there is little damage. He even argues that his load wasn't unsecured! A few more choice words followed after this!!! As he runs off to get the tub off the road, I call the cops. When he realises this he gets really agro and makes a veiled threat. I said for him to go right ahead and then he'd have an assault charge as well. He then went and leant on his bonnet and didn't say much more. Probably because Tony was also there standing next to me looking menacing.

    Damage was a missing rear brake pedal, fairing smashed in a couple of places including a whole chunk missing at the front and some glue splashed on the engine, rearset, rear tyre, rear brake disc and rear rim.

    Cops arrive, have a look, call the Firies to clean up the glue, do breath-tests and take details. They said that as no-one was hurt then it comes down to if I think the bike is rideable. If I am happy that it doesn't need towing then they consider it a minor accident and don't investigate. It is left to the insurance companies to sort out. If I think it isn't rideable, then they have to do a full investigation and someone has to be charged. When I asked about insurance issues of them not doing a report, they said I could make a report to the 131444 number and they would give me a number for the insurance. So given it looked like I was covered for insurance, and the bike was rideable, I said I'd ride it home. That cut them out of it but I did think they would at least book the guy for an unsecured load.

    Instead, they directed traffic while the firies spent over an hour cleaning up the road. It turned out to be a big job. They let the guy go without any fine at all! The only good thing might be that once the firies had cleaned up, they asked me for the other driver's details as they were going to bill him for the cleanup which could be a LOT. Here's hoping.

    Was there anyway to avoid this. No way. I was already buffering away from the oncoming traffic so was over to the left for the corner entry. I was doing about 20kph and I reckon the tub came at me at about 40 which is what the ute looked like it was doing. It was about 1 second from it coming off the tray to impact. And I reflex countersteered left away from the threat.

    Now there are about 100 cars in Sydney with glue splattered all over their panel work and underside. All because one dickhead was slack in securing his load. Maybe his Dad should have!

    The damage

    The culprit - this is where the fcukhead left it after picking it up off the road. Someone else's problem apparently, but the firies returned it to him to get rid of.
  2. bloody dennis :roll: :roll:
  3. A really sticky situation :LOL:

    Glad to hear it had a (relatively) ok outcome, mate....

    Can't believe it sheard the brake pedal clean off; it's a miracle your foot wasn't seriously hurt :shock:.
  4. Glad it didn't take you off the bike, looked like a big tub :shock:

    It's funny though because just now, Tony has posted the same thing :LOL:
  5. Sorry Tony. Seems we were typing at the same time. Thanks again for hanging around and helping out. Might have calmed the bloke down when he started thinking about taking things the next step.
  6. Sorry to hear ,and lucky It didn't hit you in the chest and knock you off :shock: .

    As for stay upright course ,In lesson 2 ,you learn to do a stoppie and it would of gone under the back wheel :wink:
  7. My happy snaps of the insident:
    The driver, Mr "Meat Love"
  8. ya cant do a stoppie at 20ks when ya right on the left side mid corner!

    good plan tho
  9. Freaky - glad you're OK, WOW the brake pedal must have taken a hammering.

    Don't even know why you called the cops, assuming you're comprehensively insured, clear case of the other guys fault. So he doesn't get charged, but probably cops a bill for the clean up.
  11. you are correct, in those situations sometimes you just can't avoid it.
    the best outcome though is to keep it under control and you managed to not only do that but also come out of it upright and unscathed.
    I call it a very good outcome.
    Bikes can be fixed bodies take more time.
    Good one Greg.
  12. It was a big impact. Made a huge noise - I remember just after I got control of the bike that I saw all the pedestrians looking around. The pedal must have sacrificed itself for my foot.

    I called the cops because I wanted him to get booked. I could have very easily have ended up on the ground with injuries. And the guy didn't give a shit. If I knew they weren't going to book him at all, then I may have reconsidered getting the bike towed. Why should I do this guy a favour when he couldn't give a stuff about me. If he had been OK about it and apologetic then I would have been civil about it and may have considered not calling the cops.
  14. Good to hear you are ok, were you wearing motorcycling boots?
  15. ECO 200 is a premium-performance, high-solids multipurpose adhesive designed for extra-heavy commercial applications such as airports, schools, hospitals and convention centers and red side fairings :LOL:
  16. :LOL: Guess we'll see how "premium-performance" it is when it comes time to clean this crap off the bike.
  17. He'll get a big water bill!!!

    He left the bucket at the edge of the road and he was about to leave, when the Chief master firie brought the bucket to him and said: I believe you've dropped something sir!!!
  18. I had good quality high-ankle leather boots - actually my military flying boots. But they aren't armoured at all and have no steel cap.
  19. I still can't believe that when the Firies turned up he shouted at me "LIKE SEEING FLASHING LIGHTS DO YOU!". It wasn't my f%^&ing glue all over the road!