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Attaching iPhone/GPS

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Twitch_8, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Ideas for best mounting options please.


  2. Ram-mount.

    Close thread... ;)

    Seriously though it is the best solution with hundreds of choices to suit your bike and mounting requirements.
  3. RAM stem mount:

    Plus a RAM mount for iPhone or the X-Grip:
  4. Thanks- best place to get?
  5. New sprocket set up so need to mount gps for speedo.

  6. Ram-mount gear is available all over the place, ebay is a good source, i get most of mine from www.JA-GPS.com.au.
  7. Lookup Ultimate addons on Ebay. I got a handlebar mount, waterproof/shockproof case and charger for my S2 Galaxy for roughly $60 bucks delivered.

    Bit fiddly mounting it each time I ride, but handy as. Quality bit of gear. I ended up getting the handlebar mount, but would probably get the M8 bolt mount if I bought it again. Good to have the charger to keep it juiced up when using the GPS on the phone for speedo/navigation too.

    And the waterproof case has proved it's value not just on the bike, but also at work as I work in a marine environment. So now have some protection for my phone when working. Ching ching.
  8. Have a look at Ultimate Mobile from the UK. Works out quite cheap even after shipping
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  9. Yep, that's who I got mine from. (y)
  10. Thanks guys.
  11. How long did it take to arrive?
  12. About a week
  13. gpscity has RAM mounts cheaper even with delivery
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  15. RAM Mounts all the way - especially the aluminium rather than composite ones. Then you need to get only another cradle when you upgrade your device. I just put one meant for a plane yoke on my bike, & drilled+glued a 2nd ball mount, which now allows both a GPS + 1 more device to be mounted together. The whole setup unscrews by hand to easily transfer to the car or for security. Cheers.
  16. Ditto.

    I got a ram stem mount on my bike too, with a short connector and X grip.
    If you're in Vic PI Plus sells the set, and you can pick it up from the guy for $60.
    The guy's name is Ian and he also has other bike mounting options too as well as other parts too.

    Apparently he started stocking them for GPS systems for 4WD's.

    Before this I had to get mine from ebay which costs a bit more for shipping.

    Only one thing, I had to put washers on my damper when I put the stem mount in, as you can it it originally scraped the underside of the damper.


  17. Hey guys how do you charge your phone on your bikes??
  18. .

    I have a power socket, which comes as STD on my bike but it's really easy to add one yourself to whatever bike you have.

    You just need a very basic understanding of electrics or good google fu.