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attaching a sports pipe

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mischiefmaka, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Hi just wondering if anyone can help me help the man.....

    He has a cb400, hates the pipe so has bought an after market muffler, purchased the link pipe that is supposed to be made especially for the CB400..
    Has tried to fit it tonight and although it appears to go on nice and tight, he claims its leaking from where the link pipe joins to the headers and theres some exhaust noise ..

    Is there a sealant or gasket type thing he should be using?

    I thought id ask on here to save time....

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Has he gone back to the place he bought it from or was it a second hand pipe?
  3. New pipe new links was delivered from Melbourne...The linkpipe came from mega cycle today, apparently the guy said he doesnt do refunds.
  4. Megacycle are good, it would be best to ask them what your hubby can do, they may provide some sort of gasket/sealer that should work.
  5. seal the join with clear silicon. it's heat proof, hardly visible, and works.
  6. Yeah i was thinking some sort of sealant would do the trick.... Either that or they have failed to include a gasket when one is needed...
    I cant get over how much these things cost and you still have to eff around with them all so much...
    First the pipe, then the link pipe now some gasket and or sealant ...ahhhhh boys n their toys :p
  7. Sheppo i was told that the heat silicone isnt good enough and that it only withstands up to 350-500 degrees , Id have no idea how hot the pipe gets tho....

    Is this tried and tested?
  8. There is also exhaust/gasket sealer you can buy from any muffler shop that will also do the trick, the exhaust gases are nowhere near as hot as they are from the header pipes, so the sealant should work a treat
  9. Hi there,
    I've used sealant on a exhaust for a dirt bike and it worked great!!
    There are probably plenty brands to choose from.
  10. You can get liquid gasket sealant from Super Cheap/Repco type shops designed for exactly this purpose. From memory the same brand as Loctite do one...

    If it's a specific link pipe it should fit snug, but a layer of sealant couldn't hurt.
  11. Thanks everyone for the tips...off to supercheap today to have a look ;)
  12. There is a special hi temp ( orange ) silicone ideal for the purpose.

    I would talk to Ken @ Megacycle though, it is after all a product he manufactured that you've got.
    In my experience, you couldn't find a more helpful / knowledgable bloke if you tried.
  13. Hubby spoke to someone down at Megacycle ( apparently who ever it was,wasnt in a good mood lol) anyway he has said he will replace it...Hubbies a little ticked off he has to put old pipe back on and wait another week but thats life lol another week of listening to my bike drown his out BOOYA!
  14. I know youve probably sorted it now, but Maniseal is a popular exhaust sealant paste, you put it on and leave it to dry somewhat, then running the engine fully cures it and it also expands a little from what I remember.
  15. i've used clear roofing silicon to seal slip-on's with no issues. the benefit of using a clear sealant is it's not as easy to see as orange, grey or blue exhaust sealants. when you're talking a slip on, the exhaust temps are low. i would not use it for joins any closer to the motor tho!

    FWIW - i make scuba diving weights from old lead flashing that is removed from old houses (mate is a roofing plumber). we melt the flashing down with paint, silicon, etc, still attached. the paint burns away to nothing, but the silicon is perfect. no discoloration, no deformation, it simply doesn't change state! Lead melts at around 330degC.
  16. Thanks everyone..after a little debate we decided it was going to be cheaper and faster to buy sealant and another cuff than send the link back to megacycle...

    Went to no less than 6 stores and NONE had what we needed, in the end a rural farm supplier came to the rescue , job done, ride sounding sweet = one happy husband ;)