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Attaching a Normal car GPS to the Windshield of my GSX-R?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Camel Salesman, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I've got a Garmin Nuvi 265W (Wide screen) GPS Unit basically it was Christmas present I bought my Mum and she told me she didn't like it (serious) So I am going to keep it for myself.

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea about the best way to attach this GPS to a K7 GSX-R. Since it is not water proof I was thinking about putting it at the bottom of the windshield with the stock suction cups but I think with all the vibration the suction cups would come off... yeah?

    Attaching to handle bars is my last option.

    Also whats the go with installing a Ciggy lighter on a motorbike so I can plug the GPS unit into it while on long rides?

  2. can't help you out on what you've asked, but you may want to think twice about it, those GPS are getting stolen ALL the time out of cars, let alone bikes.
  3. Haha I ain't going to leave a 500$ GPS Unit on the bike when I park, obviously I would detach it from the bracket and pop it in my bag or jacket pocket...

    P.S Nice Asss fap fap fap fap
  4. You may have to fabricate something or you can use hook and loop tape...which is like velcro but much stronger

    these guys make a huge range of GPS and other mounts...again you may have to mod it to suit...alternatively see if you can return it and get a Garmin ZUMO or TOMTOM Rider both are bike specific GPS units

  5. I have the Garmin Nuvi 260W for my car and have also thought about attaching it to the bike somehow. Thing is that when I look at how the GPS is clipped into its supplied bracket, I'm thinking it would pop out if I accidentally went over a decent pot hole or similar and so I haven't tried it out for fear of losing the GPS onto the road.
  6. the suction cups are pretty strong so that may not pose a problem.
    id say your biggest problem is going to be the plastic holder the GPS sits into itself.
    have you considered returning it to place of purchase (if possible) and seeing if they could get you a motorcycle version instead?
  7. Hey

    I'd like to keep this one for the car aswell as the Bike. It would be nice to be able to find a bracket or something that would fit under the windshield by suction and swap it between car and bike.

    It's really a nice GPS. ALl the Rider ones are not wide screen.

    I will ride around with the suction thing on the windshield for awhile, see how it goes, if it falls off then no good, wont put the actual unit on there then...
  8. Just get a tankbag and put it in the clear top or base if it fits. Should be somewhat drizzle-proof in that too.
  9. :grin: Try www.techmount.com
    I have a 13mm head stem mount for my K7 1000
    part number #10991 :wink:
    Works really well although not cheap
  10. you'll prob find that the suction cup will stick for a min or so then fall off on its own without even riding the bike because your screen will be too curved ;) i stick mine in my pocket and plug my ear phones into it then just listen to it...... or ue my tank bag.

    As for ciggy lighter socket... fairly easy if you're alright with electric shit. Tap into a circuit that is only on with your ignition (i used my numberplate light circuit as i dont use that bulb anymore so wires were free to use.) Hook + to + on socket (fuse + wire) and - to - on socket and away you go. try get a socket from a boat spares shop as you'll probably find one that will have a rubber cap on it to keep water out.

    EDIT: pics added

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  12. One of my colleagues stuck his GPS on the windscreen on his scooter. Worked alright, but I wouldn't have done it.
  13. I've had my gps on the FZR600 screen for over twelve months without drama.

    It stays put no matter what, never gets wet either.

    I've bought another mount for the car so I don't have to move the suction

    Wired a lighter socket to the horn circuit and mounted it between the clocks
    and the screen, never gets wet.

    Biggest problem is seeing the display in bright sun, just use earplugs and let it talk to you.
  14. Tank-bag.

    And if you don't want to cut into bike wires, get a 12v camping light, with a socket and alligator clip arrangement. Clip to battery, run out into tank-bag.
  15. I bought a generic GPS mounting kit for my motorbike.

    The mounting base that came with the GPS clips into the bottom half of the generic base - alls good for <$10.

  16. This is how I mounted my lap timer. Worked a treat, just can't use a headlift stand, no biggy. The rod goes down to the bottom of the steerer tube and secures with a self locking nut. Get some of that industrial strength velcro on the back of you GPS and it will never come off, even if you go off road.


  17. i actually bought the tomtom rider today and its bracket is a completely different design that my older car ones. ALOT more robust and the ipx7 rating gives alot of comfort. worth every one of the 700 bucks.
  18. http://www.bluerim.com.au/3m-dual-lock/view-all-products.html

    3M Dual Lock is a great product. I trust my phone with it. It's stuck onto a flattish section of fairing/screen on my Strom. I'm unsure what sort of weight rating/pull-off-ability-strength this stuff has, but I'd not be surprised if you could hang a 10kg weight from it.
  19. Ram sell a gadget called an aquabox,its mainly a marine thing but I use one on my bike,it has a flexable see throuh cover that allows access to the touch screen and there about $70,mine mounts in the middle of the handlbars and works great they come in differant sizes but you have to allow room for cables and drill hokes for them too,befor you do anything fit some ear plugs and see if your unit allows you to control the volume,my Tom Tom 720 would not ,the plug was designs to run it through a car sterio and use the car volume control and I had to addapt an in line volume control or have it blast me to defness,BTW tank bags work crap,there is too much flare to see anything,
    one solution is bluetooth but if you go there and want music check it works in Sterio,lots dont,I wish I had got a bike spacific one,lots of rooting around to get mine to work,also mine holds MP3 files,lots of options but to make the car ones bike frendly takes lots of work.
  20. Agreed, the velcro tape is the way to go.
    I have my GPS stuck at the base of the screen, it pokes out just above the speedo and tach, perfect.
    When you want to leave your bike, just tear it off.

    I don't even have any special sort of velcro, just a sticky patch from spotlight.
    Taken it off road too...