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Att: thieves who broke into Sutto's Motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. on the odd chance you're reading this, after proving your utter fcuking uselessness to the world in the past week, do the world a favour and shoot some of this into whichever veins you haven't yet collapsed

    Sutto's in Penrith, stockists of KTM and other fun toys, had a break-in recently at their new premises. it was a complete fcuking ameteur night, smash and grab style. they got away with 6 brand new bikes, and are probably wondering now why their best attempts at hot-wiring them are proving futile. these bikes were so new, they had not even had their engine management systems activated so are about as useful to the world as their current owners. and as they didn't steal the keys, they can't even fill up the petrol tanks ffs

    i'm not aware which models were stolen apart from two of them being a 690-something, but if anyone is offered shiny, cheap, brand-new KTM spares please contact Penrith Police on 47 219 444
  2. Bastards did a similar job at mittagongs kawasaki a few weeks back smashed through the doors and took off with 6 dirt bikes, wonder if it's the same lot. If they catch em deliver the draino to the cells for me, it seems thieving season is upon us, time to watch out for ours and others bikes out and about
  3. and if they're caught, it'll just be a slap on the wrist punishment anyway.
  4. Who'd want a bloody KTM anyway?
  5. I do, but not one of their bikes:

  6. Those who want a better looking, faster and more reliable bike than an SR400?

  7. So there's somthing new, KTM envey :wink:
  8. I love brand bashing. :grin:

    But after watching my mate's hassles with his SM950, I dunno why anyone would want to put themselves to such pain.
  9. Hassles, as in it being a lemon? Don't kill my dream, but after my T595 "hassles" I'd sworn off anything not likely to 'start first time every time' and I was just starting to weaken... :cry:
  10. Burns a litre of oil a week since new. Been in and out of the workshop for yonks. Think it's still in there awaiting new barrels/heads as it was a casting issue.

    Stick with what you've got Snow Dog!
  11. Sure KTM parts are expensive, so they would make something of it.

    Peter Stevens in Ringwood had their window smashed and heaps of helmets taken a few months back, they got up the road a few hundred meters before being pulled over and the dogs set on them... Last i heard they were recovering in hospital...
  12. Awwww "recovering" ... :(
  13. chlamydia?
  14. Haha!.. quick, very quick :LOL:

    Nah loking at her just a mild case of thrush at worst
  15. thats weird. From roarin's review of the ktm smc

  16. Nope, therein might lie the problem - inconsistency?
  17. Not if they get them for both, B&E is a criminal offense :)! Lol yea I was just going to say the only things the bikes are good for is parts now :p Ill keep my eyes open on ebay!
  18. Is that Tara Reid??