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ATO Advice Please

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. What would one do if a previous employer (of 4 years) decided they cant supply group certificates this year?

    We thought this may be the case as some payments were in cash (correct net amount). The employer has basically gone out of business and has had a "fire sale" to, to offload a lot of assets and I'm assuming super payments were not made over the last 12 months as well even though tax and super were stated on the occasional payment sunnary.

    Any advice peeps?
  2. If officially on the books you weren't paid, then work out whether you actually really want a group cert'? If you do, then contact the ATO and outline your problem I say.
  3. If you have a contract that states you should be paid a certain amount and that you were actually working there, then claim you never actually got paid, and hit them up again for the money ;)

    But yeah, i think by law, you must be provided with a payslip (paper or electronic) and a group cert, and if they payed you the after tax amount, then you WILL want a certificate so you can claim against it.
  4. The ATO may have it on file. I know as it happened to me once before. I estimated my income and then the ATO informed me that I had earnt less. So give them a call first.

    If not then estimation is your best bet.

    Look the ATO are not a bunch of Nazis, just give them a call and outline your issues or use a income tax company.
  5. Chase down that superannuation as well, you can lodge a complaint with teh ATO and they'll chase teh fcukers down.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Did you get pay-slips?

    ... did you keep them?

    Can you at least get a letter from your dodgy employer stating that "[Dude A] worked for [Company B] this year and we are not providing group certificates. Sorry and stuff." ???

    Go through your bank-records; declare everything that looks like income from employment.

    ... then deduct the shit out of it.
  7. Thanks all.

    typhoon - Super is going to be very interesting :eek:

    K2loo - Some payments were in cash (correct amount but no record) :shock:

    The whols thing is fcuked as it effects my claim/refund as well I think and I'm waiting on buying some more riding gear. :)
  8. Any cash you deposited, you should probably declare.

    If you just spent it on stuff... well, you have a moral dilemma, perhaps?

    I'm of the opinion you shouldn't declare it because the government doesn't deserve a cent of my earnings - but you know, you do what you think is right.
  9. give the ATO a call, I have had to call them a number of times over the last 3+ years and had awsome over the phone service, maybe I have been lucky, but there dudes and dudettes on the phone know there stuff, it's different if you go into an office, alas the front of house staff are ok, but they are getting hammered all day by a varity of tool's...
    good luck, alas mucho piece of mind knowing you have done it all by the book..