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ATMs and motorcycle helmets

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Am I likely to get fly tackled by security if I use an ATM with my helmet still on? 8-[

    I was out late last night, feeling particularly lazy and sort of just rode the bike up to the front of my local ATM to pull some dosh out. Now obviously if I can't be bothered to actually get off the thing I certainly couldn't be bothered getting the helmet off and it struck me afterwards that that might be a bit of a no-no.

    Now I wouldn't sit there on the bike during the day, that'd probably be a bit cheeky, but curious whether it's actually against the rules to leave the lid on. Can't recall ever seeing any signage to suggest it would be so long as you aren't actually entering a branch.

  2. Don't know if it's against any rules either but I too ride the bike to the atm pull cash out while on the bike in the mornings from my local shopping centre, have also done it at other atmss as well and have had no issues.

    Even when entering the local branch I park right outside it, walk in with helmet and take the helmet off as I am making my way down the bank. I don't do this all the time but the times I have I've had no issues either.
  3. Never had a problem with leaving it on, only problem I have is that I actually have to get off the bike to use my local ATM. So lazy.

    They do take pics every 4 secs or something like that for id purposes...
  4. The only problem I see for NSW riders is that most ATM's are located on the footpath and we're not allowed to park on footpaths here.
  5. Always leave mine on at the ATM if that's all I'm doing. Never a problem.
  6. I don't even take off my helmet in the grocery store usually. It only comes off if there's a sign, so generally just banks and servos. Unless it's hot out :p
  7. Forget about crash tackling security, my main concern is whether my helmet and gear is bullet proof, afterall Australia is becoming so much like America day by day. It could be the case of shoot now ask questions later.
  8. I can't believe all this time I've been getting off my bike to use the ATM!
    I always leave my helmet on when i use them though.
  9. ^^ What he said :)
  10. Seeing as most atms are in public or quasi-pubic spaces, I don't see how any sort of helmet off rule could be sensibly enforced so no, I don't think you'll get shit for it.

    As for riding up to atms, all I can say is, you lucky, lucky bastards. All the ones I visit regularly are impractical to get to on the bike. Used to do this in the UK though. It's a barrel of laughs if you forget your sidecar's in the way. Handy if the passenger needs cash tho' :D.
  11. i leave mine on for drive through fast food, returning dvd's, local milk bars, atm's, paying bills post office... any quick stops really... just logical really, no law against it.
    it's only servos where they panic and freak out for no reason
    and not all servos either
    and it's an in house rule made by the servo, not a law.. worst that can happen is refused service
  12. Even if they had a rule about using an atm with a helmet on I would just do it! Wake up to yourselves! We live in a nanny state and there is no requirement to passively suck up every law and regulation that is passed!
    An honest person wants their money from a MACHINE! Wear a helmet, go nude, pick your nose!
    I use a ride up atm all the time and the only consideration I give is whether their is some fwit around who might be around to dong me n the head and steal my money. They can hit me on the head as hard as they like with a helmet on!
  13. G'day everyone,....

    I've done that and used an ATM with my lid still on.

    No law or rule against it that I have ever seen,..

    Dr Who?
  14. If I am just stopping at the local centre to go to the atm I wont take it off. There is one near a friends place I just ride up to.
  15. I shit you not, the one time i ever tried to use one with my helmet on, the bloody thing ate my card...coincidentally that same machine ate my card on two other occasions :p (not wearing the helmet)
  16. And then they leave you sitting there unable to pay for your ****ing fuel. You get charged with theft when you leave.

    Only way to defend it? Establish evidence you've never been required to remove your helmet, or told to do so, PRIOR to that event. Good luck.

    I don't go to BP any more because the ****ers got narky with me, some with the 7/11 up the road from me. The nice indian lady at my local mobil and the people at the woolies stations local to me don't get bothered, save for that one time late at night when she said she actually gets nervous during the night time. Fair enough.
  17. Actually if you offered to pay and they refused it wouldn't be theft.
    I'd argue they were "giving" you the fuel.
    Theft is intentionally depriving the rightful owner of something....
  18. And I'd argue that,if you want to make life harder than necessary for yourself on matters of principal, there are worthier causes :bolt:.
  19. I used to never take my helmet off at servos, until the guy told me that "I know you're OK but last week we were held up by guys with motorcycle helmets on and you gave me a fright" probably full of shit but since then I have always taken it off for everything. Smart servo clerk, he probably says the same thing to every biker that comes in wearing one.
  20. Well the only way you would then negate that intention is to return to the owner that fuel. That would be the argument of the prosecution. You may, MAY be able to negate this by telling the operator you will forward payment by mail, and DOING SO, but there remains the possibility the magistrate will not be impressed by your complicating the issue by demanding you save yourself the 2 minutes to remove and replace your helmet.

    By refusal to remove the helmet and be able to pay, you have intentionally deprived the owner of enjoyment and benefit of the property, taking it from their possession and later destroying it.

    Now entirely seperate from this possibility, let's consider:

    There would be two cases, one less advantageous to someone in this situation

    1) Where you have been there before, and they have asked you to remove the helmet as a condition to fuelling up, and thus, doing so in the future as a condition to your taking the fuel prior to paying.

    2) Where you've been there before with the helmet on and there has been no request, you fill up on the assumption to meet your obligation to pay, but you are denied the option to pay.

    Now there is a third possibility - you've been to petrol stations before and you're aware you are expected to remove your helmet before entering, that awareness thus extends to a condition of your entering the premises even to fill up. By ignoring that expectation you are acting willfully blind to the owner's conditions of sale, and thus, you intend to deprive them wrongfully; without paying by way of intentional disregard for the seller's conditions.

    I might look at the criminal law databases when I get home, I'm curious as to whether or not I'm correct about this!