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ATGATT.. Please!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rodgonzbea, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello netriders..
    Just a reminder.. and a plea...

    Confidentiality in mind.. I work at an emergency center in SA.. and dealt with another goose that came off a nice bike.. big bike, wearing a tshirt and sneakers...

    There is more red than ... don't know.. you get the picture.. shoulders, back, his toes...FFS man.. this guy is in PAIN+++!!

    Couple of weeks ago.. another one wearing a singlet.. his back was.. simply f****d.

    Just before that one, another one with open face helmet, jeans and tshirt, no gloves.

    There was a tooth embedded in his lip, a deep gash across his face, below the nose (right through to the teeth), no skin in the hands, his knee was chipped, elbows and shoulder like strips of red bacon..

    If he had a jacket, gloves a full face helmet and kneepads, he would have just stood up and be sore..
    Now its full on plastic surgery, orthopedics to fix the knee, and more plastcs for the hand..
    It hurts, boys and girls. Lots.

    Lads and ladettes.. if its hot.. wear a summer mesh jacket, wear riding boots, steel caps, but not cool little sneakers that go flying if you just look at them wrong..


    Sorry, it just annoys me, it sucks to fall off, we are riders, of course no one wants it to happen, no one is out to get hurt, but these guys are dropping like flies, getting really hurt, out of relatively minor falls..

    Peace, have a safe ride...
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  2. Why are open faced helmets legal?
  3. Why are motorbikes legal?
  4. Beige.
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  5. [​IMG]

    What does ATGATT stand for again ?
  6. It will be too cold to squid soon. Problem solved.
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  7. ... Never mind ... [​IMG]
  8. how about ATGANFI - I could probably manage that.
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  9. Its getting too cold for the Sunday Sunshine Riders, So your work load will end very soon,

    Hows the footballers going for broken bones, and Drunks and Drugs on a Saturday night,

    Bet they out weigh the Atgatt missing riders,

    But thanks for your message any way,
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  10. One is too many brother.. especially when it could have been avoided..
  11. And actually.. you get more injuries out of netball than footy.. the girls are vicious!!!
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  12. Too true, Mate, I still dont wear mine, But I will have too shortly, Its getting cold, I ride all year, even in the rain,
  13. Ultimately ATGANFI is better than NGANFI.
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  14. How about Girls Hockey, Hahahahahaha, They have a club, Not a Hockey stick,

    Even I would stay away from them, Hahahahahaha
  15. I low sided at the incredible speed of 25 kph tonight

    I have zero injuries

    My leather jacket however shows the scars and damage of scrapping/sliding along the ground

    better the jacket than my skin
  16. You want viscious - go see a womens roller derby bout
  17. [​IMG] Oh no!! The lights..!! .. The Glow... the wonderful glow..!!

    Ahem.. why were you traveling so fast Tak... :-s

    Glad to hear you're all right bud.
  18. Thats different, the only reason that's so popular is because the girls are hot and we don't play pro ice hockey here!
  19. Are they really that good? I work with a player; calls herself "Butter Scream" for some reason...
  20. I went to a boxing match once and a ice hockey game broke out :)
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