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ATGATT ... literally ;)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by lowercase, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Thought it'd be funny to find as many photos as I could with riders wearing ATGATT when NOT riding motorcycles :p


    me being safe when at the driving range:




    we should all follow this example!


    or when in the cage..

  2. swing it baby! yeah!

  3. How exactly do random things like "cheescake" end up in the tags for the thread lol


  4. Tractor racing anyone?

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  5. Dude, I reckon Goz will whip ya with you on that LOL

  6. My fav so far

  7. :LOL:
    You're right Nickers, I forgot.

    You can't argue that experience beats good looks I guess.
    8-[ :bolt:
  8. lol brilliant
  9. also...

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  10. LOL (y)
  11. don't know what you're talking about :LOL:

    can anyone find the picture of the ATGATT swimmer? It's really hard (for me anyways) to find these pics on google images - tried many different combo's but don't get the pics I want.

    "ATGATT swimmer"

    "ATGATT swimming"

    "ATGATT swim"

    "swimming in motorcycle gear"

    "motorcycle gear swimming"

  12. hey lc is that you playing golf???
  13. No, but I did find this ocean squid.
  14. yes - why...................????????????????? :-s
  15. Your toes are pointing out and your arms are too stiff..ya gunna slice that ball off to the left!
  16. :rofl:
    Nice one Rabitto.

    Love the pic jd.
  17. actually i was thinking fogging up the visor would make it near on impossible to get a clean hit
  18. I Like

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  19. hahaha actually, it was a perfect shot - went heaps far, straight, and a good hit :) but yeah, was hard to stand normally with all the gear on!

    didn't fog up cause it was a 35 or so degree day! however, i did almost die in their due to the heat and what not! but i didn't want my visor up for the pic :)