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ATGATT for life

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Gixthis, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Yesterday I was doing the Yarra boulevard and long story short i low slided across the road into the bushes and down a hill about 10 meters.
    My bike is in pretty bad shape, not rideable.
    I have had 2 cousins and a friend crash with no gear on much less serious crashes then me and broken ribs, wrists, and alot of nerve damage.

    I am so lucky there was no cars oncoming as I would be dead or something like that.
    But I walked away from it with nothing but a bruise and whiplash.
    Please gear up, I wore my gear sparingly, and luckily i was fully geared yesterday, my jackets back ce armour saved me.

    I am forever ATGATT now, I know it dosnt make you invincible, but walking away from that made realise how much it save my ass. I know Im lucky also not too have broken anything sliding for 15meters at 60-80km/h an hour then hitting a gutter and rolling down a hill.

    I will forever suit up, anything to help you walk away instead being in complete agony, my back would of been mince meat.

    I know I heard this shit plenty of times and have ignored it gone riding in t shirts and shorts.
    I am lucky enough to be able to this, almost injury free, its not worth it.
    Gear up, ride safe guys.

  2. 5-4-3-2-1,duck for cover
  3. Gosh ... sorry to hear about your crash... and yeah good gear helps prevent some pain. So why the crash? Is the Yarra Boulevard a difficult road to ride?
  4. long story but some jackass thought he was rossi and went to overtake me on the inside, we just nicked my pants and i freaked grabbed break and that was it.
    he did not stop.
    But im lucky to be alive and not have a broken bones at all, and lucky i didnt slide into a cyclist or jogger.

    The road is good, its as hard as you want to make it, theres plenty of crashes there, a learner broke her wrist on friday
  5. While I think wearing the appropriate gear is a great idea, I'm not sure that you can contribute not breaking bones to wearing gear neccesarily.

    The examples you mention where wrists and ribs have been broken comes down to the way some one falls and a bit of luck regarding what they have hit or how they have landed.

    What gear does do is dissipate the energy via padding and armour to make it less likely to destroy your elbows, shoulders, knees as well as offering protection from the road surface but it doesn't make you bullet proof.

    Still a good idea to wear appropriate gear though.
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  6. What ... overtook on the inside on a corner ? damn.
  7. (this is just me shit stirring so take with a grain of salt)

    You must now sell your gixxer then....for only true squids can ride a gixxer.
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  8. Sliding at 60-80km/h in a 50 zone....?

    Looks like more than one Rossi there....

    Great that you walked away from it, sounds like it could have been a lot worse

    For the life off I can't understand why people have a crack along one of the busiest, most police inner city road - give me your demerits if you really don't want em!
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  9. Yeah that's pretty much why you crashed bro. Wearing gear on a blue and white gixxer? The universe is sending you a message man.
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  10. Next bike will be r6 but bang for buck a gixxer is good value.
    Iv been there almost every weekend for summer and only seen cops
    Once. Trust me taking this corner at 100 isn't too hard for a great rider,
    50 is only suitable if its wet and frosty.
  11. And I would never overtake on the corner, let alone on the inside
  12. Wow - now I'm impressed

    Didn't realise you were a great rider

    But, I suppose being on a Gixxer I should have!
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  13. Don't have a dig at the guy.
  14. I don't if your trying to be smart , but I said for a great rider,
    Not that I am a great rider. A great rider with track Exp and race
    not me, who's been riding for 2 years.
    So many funny guys here, everybody know gixxers are squid
    But it's the rider I'm sure there's better riders on gsxrs then you
    All I'm saying is do what u can to protect yourself.
    Otherwise fcuk off, seriously when u come off il make sure I pay out
    Whatever piece of shit bike you ride. Wanker.
    None of you would of said this shit, I had few guys pull over and help
    None were laughing about gixxers and squids
  15. calm down bud...cougs did take it abit far

    i'm sure each and every one of us would help if we saw you stack it - but that time has passed and gixxers are known as squid bikes - you saying you used to squid then saying your a born again ATTGATT'er that rides a gixxer....it's asking to be mocked atleast once or twice

    I understand what your trying to express but the attgatt thing has been done to death and we've all heard it a million times over.
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  16. :popcorn: This could turn into a good thread.
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  17. Ease up there turbo....

    Any time I see someone down I will stop and help. Have a re-read of what you said and you'll see how it can come across in different ways - which I called you on.

    Also found a nerve too obviously - if ya can't recognise some low level trolling then stay away from some of our more regular under bridge dwellers here on NR - especially when creating crash/atgatt threads....throw in a mod and we'd have the trifecta.
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  18. Remind me why I hate riding the boulevard again? That's right because everybody thinks there Rossi when they ride around it.

    While I admire skill like any other rider may. There is a time and a place for it. You have learnt that today more then your AGATT lesson I hope.
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  19. It hurts less in the long run sliding down the road in more protective gear and it certainly reduces gravel rash (and gravel rash can be more serious than people sometimes realize if it's extensive), but generally speaking leather riding gear won't save your life if the accident if serious enough to put it at risk (note I'm not saying don't wear it, just don't count on it... it's better NOT to fall off in the first place).
  20. Good to hear you walked away from it
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